26 March 2007

Jenny Rayment workshop

On Saturday I was at a workshop organised by Quarterjack Quilters tutored by Jennie Rayment, who specialises in tucks, twists and dimensional patchwork. We made "Tucked Up Circles" a technique that was new to me. Everything was done by machine, no hand sewing at all and also learned of a stitch on my machine (I've got a Janome MC4800) that I didn't know I had for "invisible" hemming around the small circle appliqued in the middle and the binding around the edge of the circle. Could be most useful, that.

Anyway, an enjoyable workshop, Jennie gave very clear instructions and she has a wonderful sense of humour. A really good day. Here's my circle by the end of the day, yet to be sandwiched and quilted.

International Quilting Day

My friend, Brenda, and myself have organised an International Quilting Day in Sturminster Marshall, near Wimborne, Dorset for the past couple of years. This year our day was on 17th March, St Patrick's Day, so there was an Irish theme to the day. That's Brenda on the left in the photo, me on the right.

We originally became friends through visiting the same event in Hartley Wintney, near Basingstoke in 2000 which was organised by Doris Dove and Diana Baker and each year until we decided that maybe quilters in Dorset would like to such an event hence our started in 2005. Ours is sociable, with a lot of the ladies bringing their own hand sewing, there's a raffle, some demonstrations, some traders, a quiz or two, show and tell, hot lunch, followed later by tea and cakes. So successful that this year we didn't have to advertise! Each year Brenda and I choose a charity, which this year was to support the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. To date, we have raised over £400.00.

To see photos of the Quilting Day I 've put them here .

19 March 2007

Up and down buttonhole stitch

Here is a sample of the up and down buttonhole stitch. I've used the last portion of my silk ufo to embroider onto. Took a while to get the hang on this stitch but once hooked had to keep going. I even managed and down, up and up again stitch which was sewn for the "tulip" style flowers. I like a bit of quirkiness and could not resist making a beaded dragonfly using this stitch as wings.

04 March 2007

Cross Stitch

I've posted a couple of photos of my TAST challenge piece which this week is cross stitch. I've made a large cross of lots of crosses on black felt. I used perle and chenille threads which created an interesting texture on the black. For those who, like me, want to see the back as well as the front I've shown the reverse image.