31 January 2008

Visit to Bristol

Last weekend saw my husband and I going to Bristol. Not a fast but can be a scenic journey. After going through Blandford, Dorset heading to Shaftesbury we stopped at a National Trust viewpoint which overlooked the valley towards Compton Abbas. Of course, what does one have a camera for but to forget it and leave it at home! So with my trusted phone I took a photo of the fantastic scenery. The next photo that I took as a bit of fun was of our shadows as the sun was still quite low in the sky (I'm the one on the left. This was looking towards the hill just before Melbury Abbas.

The purpose of our visit was to see our daughter, Sarah, who lives in the city. She works at Bristol Royal Infirmary and on Monday the 28th was her 27th birthday. We decided to explore the city going from Clifton down Park Row to the centre. This was the view at about 5.00 pm on the Millenium Bridge looking across the River Avon towards the Waterfront with its bars. We had a lovely weekend and of course lovely to see her too.

18 January 2008

Bit of this, bit of that

Haven't been up to a great deal since suffering the flu, tried to go back to work, then home a few days and now feel better to go back to work yesterday. So good, so far. While I've been off sick I've been doing some hand sewing but not finished anything just yet.

I've got "petals" to sew onto a hydrangea applique from Kumiko Sudo's book of Fabled Flowers; quilted a piece of half square triangles for a cover for my embellisher (it didn't come with a cover); and have part machine sewn a handbag; so all works in progress.

However, things are beginning to flower - my orchid in the kitchen (pictured) has now got 4 blooms and despite the horrible wet weather I've looked in the garden to find that polyanthus is flowering and the crocuses are thinking about flowering soon. Nice to see some colour and promise of spring to come.

06 January 2008

New year, new bag

Belated Happy New Year. This year has not gone off to a good start. Only one day at work then off sick with flu. Still hibernating at home today very tired and achy so a short entry on the blog today.

Yesterday was a little better and managed to (slowly) make a bag from the bag challenge with the Yahoo Group that I belong to (BQL), which is based on the supermarket carrier bag, except that the bag will fold into the little pocket at the bottom, very neat. I enjoyed doing this and may do another.