24 January 2010


This is the second time I've tried to post about the workshop I went to yesterday. The first time I accidently closed the tab I that my blog was on and lost it all. I've now discovered there's a preview add-on to Firefox (the browser I use) so I don't need to open another tab and close another by accident. I'll see how it goes.

OK, the workshop. I had a great time, there is always something to be learnt from a workshop and this one, Precision Piecing, our teacher was Philippa Naylor (her website is here), was no exception. The result of the day's work is on the photo above, with a Crown 12" block and learning the techiques used for making perfect piecing.

At the end of the day, we were given a demonstration about mitred borders and armed with a leaflet I spent some time this afternoon giving that a go and below is the finished block with its pink and red borders (the block is laid on top of green fabric). I am really pleased with my efforts on this. Perfect.

Alex Wild is fundraising for Leukaemia Research - JustGiving

Alex Wild is fundraising for Leukaemia Research - JustGiving

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20 January 2010

Shopping and Surprise Late Christmas Present

Feel this week my blog should be "Sue W Shops"! I don't often do retail therapy type of shopping, but last Saturday, felt the urge to go to Meadowhall, in Sheffield. The snow had thawed and the weather a bit milder, though was rainy so not suitable High Street weather. By the time lunchtime came it seemed that half of Sheffield was in Meadowhall! But it was nice to have a mooch around the shops.

Because of the bad weather the sales in the shops had suffered so there were bargains to be had. I bought some tops in Laura Ashley and was tempted by some clothes in Debenhams, until I saw the queues at the tills! I also went to Radley and David treated me to this lovely handbag, which comes with its own pink bag to keep it looking lovely.

Anyway, that bit of retail therapy will last me for a while.

On Monday in the post came this lovely surprise from Jamie and Carly. Carly had hoped we'd get it in time for Christmas but it didn't arrive until a couple of weeks afterwards. They ordered a photo album with family photos and the next two photos are a few of the pages from the book, which show photos of Sophie and Leo.

The above photo is from a holiday in 2008 in Wales - we did choose good weather then! The last page had photos of Freddie, our latest Grandchild, which completed the album.

This coming Saturday I'll be going to a workshop with the Barnsley Embroiderers the first one I've done since moving up North well over a year ago and I'm really looking forward to this. I've chosen my fabric (from my stash, nothing new) and got the needs list and I've got everything needed. Let you know how I get on.

10 January 2010

Not being idle

Being snowed in was no excuse for not getting anything done and I wondered how I have the time to go to work!

I've recently rediscovered some T-shirt printing sheets that I've had for some time and have started to put them to good use in labelling quilts. Have taken part in the Calendar Quilt Challenge with BQL last year as I finished each month's quilt I added another label onto a Word document. I then printed off the page of labels and it's handy that the printer settings includes a Mirror image setting. Looks odd, doesn't it.
After printing, came the job of ironing onto fabric and sewing onto the backs of all twelve little quilts. That was done while watching television. Above is the back of October's quilt
Another thing that I've made recently are some selvedge postcards. I've saved and friends have given me selvedges and I dug the bag out and put them together on a calico backing sewing on with variegated thread. I then cut them into 3 postcard and an ATC size pieces. Just a bit of fun.

This year I joined a new Yahoo Group, called Liberated Quilters for those who like doing a liberated style, in the style of Gwen Marston, who will have a reissue of her book. Looks like that could be fun too. Look out for me getting more liberated this year!

Snow photos

Above is my little red car which didn't get to work on Tuesday. There was a heavy downpour of snow which slowed down traffic and after half an hour of doing only a third of my journey I decided to return home. I'm glad that I had as the snow was falling much heavier by then. My car didn't move until Friday, but even then it was dodgy getting out of my road onto the road out of the estate and then the main road (which was fairly clear).

Next door's children built a snowman - soon as this was taken the poor thing was decapitated!
The next day cars were still unable to get out of the road. But I was able to make the 10 minute walk to the local supermarket for some shopping and this is the view on the walk back home, looking towards St Helens church and the line of snow covered trees.

And this is the back garden taken on Saturday after another bout of snow on Friday night. The snow on the table is about 8". Some of the snow on the chairs and bench fell of the backs and onto the seats making a thicker "cushion on them.

And today has been getting a little warmer, not much, but just enough to start the thaw and the snow on the table above is half the depth and has slid across the top by 2".

Lets hope the worst is over for this winter, but I don't think we'll have seen the last of it.

02 January 2010

Secret Santa

Each year BQL (the Yahoo group that I belong to) runs a Secret Santa and I decided to take part this year, sending my gift all the way to the Isle of Skye to Ann. I did show a sneaky peak on a previous post back in November (shown here). I'd made 4 Christmas coasters, a rotary cutter case and a Christmas decoration (which you might recognise from my October challenge piece).

For my present, which came from someone else I received a Japanese style bag, with a really lovely print on it.As its fairly deep it may be useful for keeping some knitting in.

Visit to Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

We'd got back from our Christmas away visiting family and friends in the South on Wednesday so on New Year's Eve (as we're still on holiday) decided to visit the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway to go on their Mince Pie Special train. We started our journey at Oxenhope, which is at the other end of the line. Going towards the Pennines to Oxenhope there was quite a bit of snow in the hills (we didn't have any at home at the time) and a bitterly cold day. We went into the exhibition hall which houses their engines to get out of the cold where we found a small Christmas scene with a model train running around it, really cute.

Then we warmed up in the refreshment carriage with a cup of coffee and biscuits. They had to be Grandma Wild's, very appropriate, I thought.Even the water tank at the station had festive decoration.
And here's the steam engine. The train service was quite busy so there were a number of carriages. David managed to get this photo in without too many people.
I found this advert with for Stephens Ink with a thermometer....
.....yep, it's freezing, alright.

It was a good day out and something different to enjoy during the holidays.

01 January 2010


I would like to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I thought I would just do a quick post on here and replace the Christmassy background on my blog with a fresh new one and over the next few weeks I'll be making a few changes for the New Year.

Has anyone made any resolutions? Mine is the classic one - to lose weight! Seriously I've been putting weight on recently and had a fright when getting on the scales this morning. There will be a family wedding coming up in the summer which I hope will give me impetus to shift at least 2 stone of my excess. Not quite sure where to start though, to go to a slimming group or join an online group, have to think about that one.

I've just joined a Yahoo group called Liberated Quilters who also have a challenge blog here. So a different challenge on the quilting front.

In my next post I'll upload some photos that I've taken at a steam railway that David and I visited yesterday.

Enjoy the rest of the New Year weekend.