26 November 2015

Christmas Pudding

With less than a month before Christmas Day, I thought I would show you a Christmas Pudding that I made.....

Were you expecting a real one?

I started this at Bourne Quilters the beginning of this month having had a demonstration by another quilter, Vera.  She supplied the fabrics, brown and cream metallic ones. Somerset Folded Patchwork pieces were arranged over a polystyrene sphere and pinned in place.  I found a Christmas plate yesterday in Sainsburys (do you know how hard it's been finding the right plate?) which did the job. 

All this squares of fabric folded into triangles are just the thing to do while watching the television of and evening. I was able to hold the points of the triangles using a binding clip while using thread to tack the top folds together. Arranging and pinning on we're quite hard on the fingers, but again it was a good thing to do while sitting of an evening.  

18 November 2015

Christmas Postcards

After a hiatus of nearly a couple of years I've made a couple of postcards. The UK Quilters United group on Facebook has another sub group to swap postcards for this Christmas, so I thought I would join. However I made one postcard which has led to another one being made.  I've done these using reverse applique.

This is the first, a bauble

You'll have to excuse the glamorous surroundings, on my ironing board, propped against my travel iron. I folded gold ribbon to use as binding on this card and had literally half an inch left! The circle is used was traced from the rim of the mug that holds my pens, which you can see lurking behind the ironing board.

Today I made another card with 2 bells overlapping.  I used a large cotton reel for the head of the bell shape which I drew on paper and cut out to make a template, which I then drew onto paper and stitched through the paper onto the fabric. I then cut away the top fabric to reveal the others underneath.  I thought the green fabric was a bit busy, but doesn't look too bad.

Here's a pic of the back of the first card. Another view of my iron again

I'm pleased I can still make postcards.

09 November 2015

Just a Quick Post

To say that my rainbow quilt has had 129 votes in the Bloggers Quilt Festival, which I'm really staggered by.  Ok, so I may not have won anything, but to know that other viewers have voted for my quilt and has come 6th in the ROYGBIV category has made me really happy.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the quilt in question

04 November 2015

Farmers Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt 4

The number of blocks is growing steadily, with taking time at the weekend for making one block here 
This is #24 Coral, with its off centre square in a star.  As with earlier blocks that I've made I've been able to work out the measurements of the block pieces to rotary cut and machine piece.  It came together very quickly. I did play around with other plains, but this dark green works well with the print.

I did a bit more sewing on Monday evening to make 2 more blocks

This is #78 Old Maid, the classic Old Maid's Puzzle block. There are 2 shapes in this, larger and smaller right angle triangles. I printed out the templates and used a two in one 90 degree ruler to cut the shapes accurately from 2" wide strips. I picked out the blue flower when deciding the plain cornflower blue contrast. Really goes well.

Being on a roll this evening I went for another block
This is #14 Betty, another simple block of squares and half square triangles and apologies for the not so brilliant photo, I tried hard to get the light right, but not always possible, especially in the evenings, but the background black wasn't a good move. I will probably use the mini design board as a background as the black was too stark.

I will add this post to the Farmers Wife 1930s page at the top of my blog, where you will find links to my previous posts.  If you are on Instagram have a look at #fw1930squilt set up by Kerry Green, who is also running the Sew Along. Just click on the link to the side of my blog, all the info is there