30 June 2008

Some holiday photos

As promised I'm now posting some of the pics from our last holiday in the Gower . Most of the pics are family ones out and about, however DH, DD and I did have a trip to Swansea and went to the National Waterfront Museum. There was an exhibit (no longer showing , I think) of stained glass from students of Swansea Metropolitan University. There were some wonderful pieces of work as below:-

The next picture below is the Dylan Thomas Theatre. I could not resist taking a picture of the murals painted on the side of the building - excuse the car boot and road signs. I tried avoiding those but it just didn't work

June bag done at last

And here it is - all done with one day to spare!

22 June 2008

June bag and other bits

Above is a pic of my June bag in progress. In a previous post I'd already done the flying geese which I'd put together before my holiday. This is how it is 2 weeks later having quilted, put the base on (and awaiting hand stitching of the base binding). I've also stitched the handles ready to turn right sides out and the lining is also in progress so coming together nicely.

Some other work that's been going on this weekend is in the utility room. Our kitchen was updated with new units 5 years ago but the utility room had the original units that were fitted with the house. The doors on the units have been replaced to match the kitchen and a new wall cupboard was added. My brother-in-law, George, carried out the work for us , with DH assisting as his gofer. Thank you, George, you've done a really great job!I haven't updated with any holiday pictures but I'll try and put that right soon!

06 June 2008


I'm going on holiday to Wales tomorrow with the family and have had today off work to get ready to go away. Weather has been really good all day, just hope it keeps up. The Bottle Brush plant in the corner or the garden is full of bloom, almost weighing down the top branches, with a lovely burst of red flowers. On the left is a close of of this lovely shrub, with one of flowers about to burst into life.

03 June 2008

Goosey, Goosey

I found a challenge I could not resist - YoYo's or Suffolk Puffs. On the database on Arts In the Mail Yahoo Group the June challenge was to make a postcards with at least 3 Yoyos. I already had a prepared background with green flowers and took the fabrics for the yoyo flowers from my scrap bag. The vase was a rectangle of fabric on pelmet Vilene which was fused onto the background, with the addition of bead leaves and a butterfly charm, these flowers look really pretty.

Then came the Geese. The June bag for the BQL Bag Challenge have 32 flying geese, 30 of which are on the outside and 2 on the pocket inside the bag. On Saturday anticipating the bag instructions I made the geese. These are constructed 4 at a time with goose (large triangle) being a large square and the sky triangles from the 4 smaller squares sewn at each corner. Hard to explain but a quick and less wasteful method of making these blocks.
All 32 were quickly produced in an afternoon, when the decidedly dodgy weather could not make up its mind whether to rain or not. The weather of late is still making the news with many places receiving half the June rainfall in just one day!