17 September 2017

Great British Quilter

This month see's the start of the Great British Bake Off in it's new home on Channel 4, which has been watched every week along with BBC's Celebrity Masterchef, which we've also followed.  On Instagram is the #greatbritishquilter. This has been run by Sarah Ashford of Sarah Ashford Studio and Sydney Rose of Sydney Rose Designs and can find this here .   Here are a few pics from this challenge as I've tried to keep up with most days, but not all.

Day 1 was an introduction.  I couldn't help but show off my FoQ t-shirt

Day 2 My Favourite (Bricks and Mortar) Quilt Shop - The Bramble Patch.  I collaged a few pieces from the Box of Delights projects that I subscribed to last year. I do visit the shop when the opportunity arises.

Day 5 My First Quilt - that was a Drunkard's Path cushion.  As I said in my post 'nothing complicated'!!

Day 7 - My Favourite Book.  Well these are books, but now printed as one volume, the Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt books.

Day 11 - How Do I Take My Tea.  Essential in the construction of quilts!  Here's my pic mine and David's (guess the mug!) with our Yorkshire Tea caddy.  That was even liked by Yorkshire Tea!

And todays (Day 17) - Favourite British Designer. With the influence of so many American designs its reassuring to know that there are talented British designers in the quilt world and mine is Beth Studley, whose designs are quite vibrant.
Anyway this is just a selection.

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A Tale of Three Quilts

I took part in a Mini Quilt Swap which became a sub-group of UK Quilters United (UKQA).  The sub group was divided into teams with a team leader (mumma) and swap-ees.  This was a secret swap and quite early on were given clues to our partner's likes/dislikes and were able to "stalk" our partner on social media to help get a feel of what sort of quilt to make.

The partner I was assigned to was Gillian and other than her page on Pinterest and the details I was given I didn't really know much about to follow on other than she liked designers Sheena Norquay and Edyta Sitar and her colour preferences, so I latched onto the work of Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket quilts and her modern, fresh take on traditional quilts and her love of using creams and blues to keep that fresh look.

My first try at this was make abstract log cabin blocks with low volume, natural coloured fabrics, sometimes using the reverse of the fabrics to achieve the look that I wanted, rather than a flat background.  They were 3 x 6" wide by 2 x 6" deep, however I felt it was too wide so cut the width down to 2 blocks wide. I joined strips of green to the bottom.
I used quilting in the ditch for the top and decorative machine stitches for the bottom.  I made up the house and appliquéd that to the quilt.

I thought I was well on the way, but when I went to FoQ and talking to friends at the hotel in the evening who were not in the team that I was in I realised to my horror that the width of the quilt I made was not big enough.  Aaargh!!!

Back home after FoQ I tried to recover what I'd already done, but couldn't so with 2 log cabin blocks to spare I made 4 more.  Joined the strips to the bottom and made another appliqué house.

Time was getting on a bit so I didn't take any pics than this one!  As this version is wider there was a big space to the left of the house so I drew a tree onto fusible web and added that, together with leaf shapes left over from the green strips after cutting to size.  I also sewn on a couple of bee buttons and felt they added a little something to this quilt. I still have the drawing of the tree and was please how it turned out so another one may be growing soon somewhere else - stay tuned!

I included a gift of a pouch with a small notepad and pen and it was all ready before Sarah's wedding in a padded envelope ready to go in the post on Monday 11th.

Oh, want to see the back of the quilt? Of course you do!

I will let you know what happened to the small quilt later....

On Tuesday (12th) the postman delivered my quilt from Helen, but unfortunately we thought we would get the shopping and be in for delivery later (our postman normally comes early afternoon) but came while we were out so Wednesday I had to go and collect it from the delivery office.

It came in a tube and I thought I was going to get a Christmas themed quilt...

But it turned out to be this.... I was amazed!!  Gosh, I really didn't know how much I was into railways, must be all that "liking" of Swanage Railway on Facebook, where David volunteers.

This was a super quilt of a Pannier tank steam engine 1501 that ran on the Great Western Railway and currently runs on the Severn Valley Railway.  Helen got the GWR green right and I love the shading of the bricks on the arch of the bridge.

She also put in some rust, green and brown threads and there's a card too which she hand made.

The quilt is now hanging on a quilt rail in the hallway and I see it each time I come down the stairs.

Anyway enough of that excitement, you want to know what happened to the first quilt I made.  That was not going to waste.  I decided to keep that for the time being.

I did a bit of an experiment and had a go at Jo Avery's tendrils technique which was in Today's Quilter magazine and also add some appliqué leaves.  It is totally out of proportion with the quilt so whether I decide to keep that and work some embroidery or do a smaller version of the tree I'm not sure yet, but here's what it looks like.  I think I may call this Beanstalk as it does remind me of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk.

All in all, I enjoyed the swap and although it is a closed group so you can't see all the quilts, just the swap members, which is a shame.  It is good to be able to make a quilt that stretches you that little bit.

11 September 2017

Sarah's Wedding

My daughter, Sarah, is the eldest of our 3 children but the last one to get married.  Her wedding to Andy (oh, just realised I now have a son-in-law!) took place on Saturday 9th.  This was held at Bennett's Water Garden in Weymouth, so it was an outdoor wedding and the weather was showery. There are alternative arrangements should the weather be really, really wet but it was dry enough for the wedding ceremony and taking a few photos before another downpour, fortunately.

Here is Sarah with my husband David walking towards the gazebo where the ceremony took place.

There were bridesmaids - Sarah's friend Ann and our grand-daughters Sophie and Isobel (though she's hidden behind Sophie.

And pageboys Leo (in front) and Freddie
Freddie was a very reluctant pageboy, he wasn't impressed with the proceedings.

A pic of the wedded couple, I managed a reasonable photo of them under the willow arch with the bridge in the background.

When more showers arrived we all went into the conservatory building and more photos taken

Sarah with Ann

David and I took a selfie.  All these are pics I've taken with my iPhone.  Over the next few days there will be more that Carly (who was the wedding photographer as well as my daughter-in-law) and George (my brother-in-law) have taken and will share those later.

David hired a vintage bus from Dekkabus which has a Bristol Lodekka bus from the 1970's which was used by Hants and Dorset (later to become Wilts and Dorset) Bus Company.  It has a link with Bristol where Sarah lived for a number of years as well as a local connection and transported the wedding guests from Bennett's in Weymouth to Charlton Down Hall just north of Dorchester.

Sarah had an unusual vintage style dress with a lacy bolero top so not only did I manage a pic of her on her own by the bus, but also had a back view to see the lacy detail of the top, which looked really gorgeous.

Another thing that looked gorgeous was the wedding cake that my Mum made.  My Dad is too frail to go very far nowadays so my parents weren't able to go, but my Mum made the wedding cake and she did really well, although arthritis in her hands is making things more difficult now.  The flowers are artificial but suited the cake well.

 The small floral table arrangements toned in really well.
The day went well (though it was a long one!) and everyone had a good time.  Visits to their house the next day by relatives to see the house they'd moved into just a few weeks ago and they were off on honeymoon today.

31 August 2017

August Treats and Another Exhibition

The last day of August ought to finish with a blog post.  Following the Festival of Quilts one thing about the Festival is that there was only one book seller whereas in years past there would have been 3 or 4, so they were quite busy.  So following FoQ I went onto Amazon to buy 3 books that I wanted. At the same time I found on Facebook that Truly Hooked was selling some of her yarn boxes from a subscription club that she runs.  So a few clicks and a skein of yarn was bought too, oops.

I have wound this into a ball now and thinking about what to knit.  In with the yarn were three darning needles from HiyaHiya, which Ive started using for weaving in ends and they are so smooth.

 The first of my books, Stitched, by Aneela Hoey, with stitched pouches and containers.

The second and third books came later.  I liked Beth Studley's patterns so bought her book.  The magnetic bunting would be really useful.  I also had to buy a textile art book Layer, Paint and Stitch and when I (ahem!) get time I'd like to investigate further.  Recently I've not had anytime to do any arty stuff so paints and stuff have been sitting idle in the cupboard or drawers, so it would be good to have a decent amount of time to 'play'.

I subscribe to Crochet Now magazine and the latest magazine came with a a hedgehog kit, which looked most odd as it was vacuum packed.

Looks sad, doesn't it, but it came out ok once I cut the pack open!

At the end of last week on Saturday I visited the Church House in Wimborne to visit the Happy Patcher's exhibition.  A small exhibition, but very well presented, so here are a few pics of some of the things I saw.

There were some themed quilts as there were group challenges, one being Under The Sea which produced several fishy quilts. Another, in the second pic, was Sew a Row, making a rows of blocks with different techniques.

Apart from a couple of secret makes and a sneak peek of a mini quilt that I'm working on for a swap.

That's it for August.  A reveal will come when the swap is done.

September will be a busy month with my daughter's wedding coming up on the 9th, but hope a little time out in September too.

22 August 2017

The Third Half

It was only going to be two posts about my visit to Birmingham and Festival of Quilts but this has gone onto a third post!

I thought I would share more pics of the quilts that I liked from the Festival.

A couple of quilts in the Modern Category
 Above is The World is your Oyster! by Tatiana Duffie.  I really liked the texture of the quilting in the grey fabric.
This is Mod Strawberries by Margaret Lehmann, again it was the texture that drew me to this quilt.

On the Modern theme there was a gallery of quilts from Quilt Con 2017, which was held in the US earlier this year and these were the winners.

This is Lincoln, by Kim Soper.  The quilt was on the outside wall of the gallery and he really made a statement.

 This quilt is called Bling and made by Katherine Jones and shows the Princess cut of a diamond

This one is Cursive by Paige Alexander.  In the background you can see the lines of handwriting practice one used to do at school to perfect handwriting skills.

There are more modern quilts from QuiltCon that can be seen here.

I'm a member of a Facebook group call UK Quilters United (UKQU) and if you were at FoQ you may have seen ladies with small square badges with those initials!  There are a few sub groups one of which was the 365 quilt group.  I was unaware of this and later discovered there's a postcard group which I've since joined!  Anyway the 365 group had a gallery of their rather large quilts and lots of small quilt block bunting in a rather small space so it was difficult to take photos.  However one of the quilts was hanging on the outside wall

 And a view inside.
The blocks in the quilts were 3.5"or 6.5" square, quite a feat to design and put together!

In the South West Textiles Group was something I could not resist taking a photo of.  These two ladies relishing the sight of an afternoon tea, with chocolate cake, which I thought was really clever.  Its called Layers of Temptation by Lydie Gardner.

Some more quilt creations that I took photos of

This was the Tapestry of Life by Mavis Walker

They look a bit odd but look again, fabric, buttons, measuring tape, skeins of embroidery thread, really fascinating.

Unfortunately I didn't photograph the number of this and I can't seen to find the description that matches this in the catalogue, but if I do will edit this post.  I can only describe this as a hamster wheel, albeit that its a beautifully colourful and quilted one and it fascinated me.

There was a gallery of picture on A5 canvas called Portrait Shuffle, which I'd only read about a few weeks before.  People were invited to buy a canvas to decorate how they wished and the canvas would be swapped with someone else's.  This was a fundraiser for Save the Children.  One artist who was showing what she made with her canvases was Sue Stone (I think - I didn't take a photo of the description beside the exhibit) who made several variations of her face.  I like the one on the top left with the glamorous Grace Kelly look but they were all interesting.

Lastly I took a few photos of a gallery of Kumiko Frydl's work.  She has made miniature quilts that have been winners in previous years at the Festival.  Just amazing work.

That's just a little of what I saw at the Festival of Quilts and hope you found my exploration enjoyable.