21 April 2013

Tripping again

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of ladies from Happy Patchers in Wimborne for a sewing Saturday.  We had a challenge to make a work bag for the occasion and there were a lovely selection of bags

First was the one in the photo just above, with pockets and the pattern inside. The second was the little black Japanese patchwork bag in the top picture and the green. red and yellow strippy one on the right side of the top photo came third.  And mine?  That's blue one in the bottom photo, next to the stripey one.

Grace showed  us how to make a Post It holder, although it was made from card and paper, rather than fabric.  It kept us quiet making them!  Here they are displayed on the window ledge

And we also managed a bit of sewing too, all working on our own projects.  I took my Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks and so managed to make 2 completed and 2 more blocks in strips waiting to re-cut.  I'll share more photos when I upload the camera, all the above were taken with my phone.

 This is my magnolia called Stellata, the flowers only last a short time but we're surprised that there's so many flowers on this
And since Spring has decided to arrive the perennial wallflower has just burst into bloom, literally.  Just love those purpley/orangey flowers.

17 April 2013

Midweek stuff

This morning I am updating the blog before going off for an interview with an agency in Bournemouth.  My current job will finish at the end of July and my contract is not likely to be renewed so I've started job hunting again.  I think I've got a little complacent with keeping my CV up to date so I've had a bit of work to do getting that polished up at the weekend.

My postcards were sent out on Sunday and even though they went second class post one of the ladies in the group e-mailed yesterday that she got hers - amazing.

So here's my large piece of 'doodling' all trimmed up
 and the six cards cut from the large piece
 I didn't take a photo of the cards after edges had been finished off.

I really enjoyed the doodling, I might well be doing some more!

That done I am now working on a bag for this Saturday's challenge.  I am joining some ladies in Wimborne for a belated IQD day - a good sewing day I hope.so I'll tray and  share some photos of that on my next blog.

While loading photos from my camera (as I've been using my mobile for photos recently) I can across some from last month when we went out to The Vyne, a National Trust house near Basingstoke.  It had been a mixed bag of weather that day so our visit started off sunny but by the end there was steady rain.

There were theses unusual cloth dolls dotted around the house with clues to keep children's interest.
A large hanging in the tea room sewn by member of the Embroiders Guild.  As you can see some amazing work in that.

I could not resist taking a photo of these lovely hellebores, even though it was chucking it with rain!

Seeing photos of a day out has cheered me up already this morning!

08 April 2013

Sewing Sunday

Just one photo to show what I got up to over the weekend. This month's themed postcard swap that I signed up to is called 'doodling'. I chose to doodle with the sewing machine, I forgot the first rule of quilting that quilting 'shrinks' the fabric and cut the piece I was making to just 12.5 inches square - should have made another inch bigger. Just had to make smaller postcards from this one large piece.

I started of by using a twin needle to make the sections and discovered that not only could I sew straight stitch and zigzag but also a few fancy stitches too like the herringbone one in the bottom row of stitching. I then did some free machining mainly in straight stitch for most of the patterns and used free zigzag stitch for a couple of the sections (like the top right). I then cut the whole thing into 6 postcards.

I took the photo above with my phone, but later photos were with my camera, so can't show those until later.

That done, other makes for April will include a bag to be done for a challenge in a couple of weeks time and to make a start on my 'Coast' challenge.

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02 April 2013

Postcard Tutorial

Yesterday Colette asked if it was hard to make a postcard.  I thought that I've never made a tutorial before (which a lot of blogs do) so here goes.  I would appreciate having some feedback just to see if it works.

Here is my method

What you need is a design for the front, 2 pieces of Bondaweb or fusible webb, a piece of pelmet or craft vilene (I think known as Pellon in the US) and a light coloured fabric for the back.  All the pieces are 6.5" wide by 4.5" long.

I use a non stick cake liner, or you could use baking parchment to protect your ironing board cover and iron to fuse the pieces together, so with the front of your postcard face down place fusible web glue side down onto the back of the postcard front.
 Iron and when cool remove the paper backing from the fusible.  Next put the Pelmet Vilene on top of the fusible and iron.
The second piece of fusible is placed glue side down and ironed.  As before, allow to cool before removing the paper backing.  Then place the fabric for the postcard back on top and iron

So that's all the pieces fused together.
It now needs trimming to 6" x 4".  I would often trim top and bottom, followed by the sides.

Then to the sewing machine for a zigzag edging.  I don't use satin stitch as its too dense, but keep to a close-ish zigzag and when turning the corners reverse stitch before continuing along the length.

I go around the edge just the once and then over a few stitches on the first edge and fasten off with a locking stitch so there are no loose threads to sew in.

The back can be written on in ordinary gel pen and on this card I've just used plain calico, but I often use any light coloured fabric that I happen to have on which the address can easily be seen.

The backs can be quite versatile - you can stamp (which I've done badly here!) put on stickers, can back a fabric motif with fusible and iron it on.  The "Postcard" and address label at the bottom is T-shirt transfer paper that I've printed and ironed on.  Don't forget to leave an area on the right for the address of the recipient!  The postcards can be posted as they are, just like normal postcards but if there is a lot of embellishment then they can fit into a cellophane card envelope.

Here's the finished front

To keep the ribbon more secure when posting I added some glue stick under it and put a few stitches in the ribbon loops.

That's another postcard done and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

01 April 2013

Fancy a slice of cake?

I bought this at one of the quilt shows last year. It was a kit from the Little Lavender Patch, but only got around to making it this afternoon and took an hour to make

I was quite impressed by that, looks good enough to eat! Fortunately being made of fabric it's calorie free!

Just to say that I have linked to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts. I found that I can't make a link using Blogpress. No doubt there is a way, I just haven't found it yet.

After a nice long weekend, back to work tomorrow

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Hope it works!

I'm without out home computer for updating the blog, so I'm trying out Blogpress this morning seeing how it goes. I've now finished the third bunny quilt which I showed in my last post. So (deep breath) here is the photo

Yay, that worked! I drew a bunny shape to copy onto fusible web and appliqu├ęd the shapes. All the shapes were then machine blanket stitched around. Like the other two quilts this is also backed with fleece. All 3 will go to the local Project Linus group.

Yesterday afternoon I also worked on a couple of postcards for birthdays coming up in April as part of the BQLPC birthday group. Here they are

Yes, it is sideways but I did correct it on my phone before uploading and its gone sideways again. I could not resist using the lovely birdie fabric in my stash so it got another outing.

Here's the other one

That's a bit better. The ladies are from a Makower strip of little prints on fabric from a charm pack of Japanese fabrics.

April will see me working on a small quilt for a challenge called Coast. I have a idea for that, which I hope will work. I've also got a bag for another challenge with a local group's sewing day later this month.

Want to see a cute puppy photo? My son Jamie and his family have a 12 week old puppy called Brian and he is a cockerpoo (Cocker Spaniel/Miniature Poodle). The phot is a bit fuzzy and it was taken with my iPad (by Jamie)

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