27 August 2010

Festival of Quilts

On Thursday and Friday last week I went to the Festival of Quilts, the first time I've visited over 2 days as I've previously tried to get everything in a day.  It has grown so much that it is so difficult to see all I'd want to see and photograph and buy, of course (can't go to an exhibition without purchasing something.

One big thing I have bought (it has yet to be delivered) is a Horn cabinet like this one here. After having a desk made up of a worktop on some adjustable legs which in our old house was attached to the wall, but here is freestanding and does sometimes wobble if stitching quite fast, and it will be good to have a level sewing area to work on too. Other than that I bought some books and arty bits which took my fancy but not a lot of fabric.

Ok on to the pics. Here are a few favourites of mine.

Amongst the miniature quilts above in the middle of the top row is one made by my friend Janet

This one is Best in Show and Miniature Quilt winner by Kumiko Frydl.

I like the clothing section and these 2 coats I really liked - unfortunately I didn't take note who made these
Another favourite was Gillian Travis' Balkan Socks on a washing line - this is half the washing line-full
I also liked this one of the pottery kilns in Stoke - again I don't know who made this but here are 2 photos - the second with names of the towns in the Potteries area of the Midlands

I know who made this one though, it was Julie, who has a blog here
And the pansy above was absolutely gorgeous.  I am a sucker for blowsy flowers.
Just a few of the thousands of bonnets to commemorate the many women convicts who were sent from Britain to Australia.  And more were on the floor
It was just a brilliant display.

I'll continue with my catch up at the weekend.

23 August 2010

A new blog

Just thought I'd mention that my daughter-in-law Mary has a new blog - Look What Mary Made.  She's only just recently started her blog and she likes crafty things, especially cross stitch.  What lovely talented daughters-in-law I've got!

The Wedding

Still catching up - today saw me back at work and the news that I have at least a couple of weeks work, so my employers haven't finished with me yet!  The temp job was only supposed to last 3 months, now I've been there 6 so anything is a bonus at the moment.

David has another couple of days, which have amongst other things, been catching up with shopping and ironing (he is such a hero!).

So weekend before last we have a lovely weekend enjoying Peter and Diane's wedding in Surrey (Peter is David's brother).  They've been together for quite a few years so when they said last spring last year they were getting married August 2010 seemed a long way off - how the time flew!  They were lucky enough to have the photos taken between showers as there was thunder outside during the service.

Here are a few of my pics from the day.

The happy couple
With the Best Man and Bridesmaid
With the Wild family (my son Alex took this photo)
And again
Doing the impossible before the wedding - getting the grandchildren lined up nicely on the settee at the hotel to take a photo of them in their best clothes! Freddie (3rd from left) had a cap with his outfit which Isobel (2nd from left) could not resist trying on for size.  There were some good ones taken, which my daughter in law, Carly, took.  She is a keen photographer and took loads of photos too and here she is trying to get one of the shots outside the church when I photographed her!
She did take a lovely photo of our children which I'll post sometime if she can mail me a copy.  It's very rare to get all 3 together.

Next time I will get to posting about the Festival of Quilts from last weekend. Just got to choose what photos to show.

22 August 2010

The first leg of our holiday was to go down to Dorset for the day and stayed at my parents' overnight.  My Mum and I went to the Quarterjack Quilters exhibition at Upton House in Poole.  Took a while to catch up with people that I hadn't seen for some time, that I only had a short time to take photos.  So here are a few of what I did managed to take while I was there.
This is what I could not resist, small challenge quilts about 12" square I think, of black, white and one other colour and what a variety of quilts were produced.
There were also a lovely selection of giraffes, and I've just noticed that one has a hat on!  This was taught by Jan, who's speciality is making toys.

 This scrappy quilt contains teddy bear fabrics - didn't know there were so many! I can't say who made this as I can't remember.

And I really like the colours in this quilt.  This was displayed quite high under the picture rail in the house.

So just a taster of what we saw there.  It was a lovely sunny day too (nice to see the sun for a change) that we couldn't resist an ice cream after seeing the quilts.

An update

We've just come back from holiday, having spent 10 days away there's lots to catch up on, not least the unpacking and washing.  Thankfully, its a sunny morning so the washing machine is kept busy and no doubt there will be loads of ironing this evening.

I've been to visit the Quarterjack Quilters exhibition, then on to a wedding in Surrey, back down to Dorset to stay with my parents and catch up with friends and ex-colleagues.  I then went to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday and Friday whilst David ventured to places around Coventry and Birmingham.  On the way home we visited the Blists Hill Victorian Town near Telford.  So there will be a lot to post on the blog over the next week and hope that I can spend a bit of time each evening.

I was lucky to catch up with friends at the Festival of Quilts and Lis has a photo of us over on her blog here. I'd also met up with Janet from Barnsley and Chris, Lesley and Marion from Durham, and more. More from me soon.

10 August 2010

Pennants and Bags

I've been busy sewing last weekend and also earthing out my embellishing machine to make a bag.  The pennants have been towards to "Pennants for Patchworkers" organised by the Miniature Group of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and will be sold in a tombola at the Festival of Quilts later this month.  Here my little effort - 3 little quilted pennants.

The first is just wavy quilting with variegated thread on hand dyed blue fabric, which was quite quick and easy to do as I've done this on postcards before. (Please excuse grotty ironing board cover)

The next one I made was inspired by a magazine article in Popular Patchwork by Sheena Norquay who made some seasonal tablemats and I've pictured that next to the magazine.

Then on Sunday I made one with sort of Clematis flowers - raw edged applique flowers (the flower fabrics used are hand dyed pinks and mauves) and beads sewn in the middle of the flowers.

I took part in the Embellisher Yahoo Group swap with a small bag - 6" square - rather fancied doing that and sent this swap to Jenny in Wales and received a bag today from Anne in Hertfordshire. Hence the dusting off of the Embellisher machine. I should have taken photos in progress when making my bag, but didn't so may have another go as I quite like this technique.

I layered a felt base with wool roving, topped that with painted Bondwebbed and after applying that I chopped some bits of gold foil to iron on top of that.  On top of this I layered some fine chiffon.  I did some hand embroidery when I finished with the needlefelting.  Having made a cord strap and joined the lining to the bag I added a daisy button.

From Anne I received a lovely red leather backed bag, with some roving and yarn with sequins and beads on the front.  Inside were some findings which will come in useful for further bag making, no doubt.

This week we're on holiday for a couple of weeks first of all going to a family wedding in Surrey and hope for a nice weekend. After visiting Dorset and catching up with people we'll be heading up for Birmingham and the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.  I'll be visiting on Thursday and Friday this year - the first time I've visited over 2 days as last year it was difficult to fit everything that I wanted to there.

07 August 2010

Naval Warfare

Last Saturday David and I went to Scarborough.  I've visited once and posted that here but it was David's first visit there.  After seeing the town and had lunch, we then went to North Bay, Scarborough to Peasholm Park where we saw the naval battle, which has been a regular summer feature for many years there.  There are men inside the larger ships, also some smaller boats powered with electricity. There are  lots of explosions and a lot of fun while British ships outdo the enemy craft.  Here are some of the photos from the battle.

We then walked along North Bay until we reached the Sea Life Centre.  This was also the terminus for the miniature railway that goes back to opposite the park, passing the newly refurbished Open Air Theatre where there were 80's groups practising for that evening's performance. As with most days recently, it was a cloudy day with the weather not making it's mind up what it wanted to do, but at least it was dry, so a lovely day out.
The colourful beach huts along the promenade.
The miniature train.