26 January 2013

"Owl Zat then!"

Just a quick post today as I couldn't show the postcards that I made a couple of weeks ago.  A couple of owl themed cards were sent to Janet (in pink) for the 26th and Lesley for the 28th

I did the drawing to make templates for the appliqued pieces but it wasn't my design.  I have a pattern for 3 owl cushions designed by Gail Penberthy and it was the photo on the front of this for the little owl in the set that I drew from.  I used fusible web to attach the pieces and zigzagged around the pieces and the face and beak pieces were free machined before sewing on the eyes.  After the postcard was layered and trimmed I finished by attaching narrow ribbon.   I knew from previous swaps that Janet had requested pink cards so I used the pink background fabric for her card.

20 January 2013

Saturday Sewing, Sunday Catch Up

Unlike the Friday Night Sew-In, I've not linked to any blog related "challenge" this is purely the title for this post.  I was due to meet up with my friend Brenda and others for a sewing day on Saturday at the middle school in Lytchett Minster, a village just outside Poole.  This was postponed to next Saturday because of the snow that fell on Friday, making things a bit dodgy for going down a country lane the following day.

I had already prepared to make some postcards for the Flying Geese themed cards due to be sent in February and as they were ready to be sewn and David was doing some extra work (working from our home office) I set to in my room and made these

The one on the bottom left has variegated thread on it it was the first card of this set that I made.  I decided not to do that on the others but instead used the thread to zigzag around the edges.

That evening I had a sort out of my scrap box so its neat and tidy (for a while) sorted out into strips (which I will sew together to re-cut) and useful sized pieces.  The rest is going.  I did find some of the right sort of fabric, clear enough to write on, to make some postcard backs.  So Sunday morning was taken with ironing fusible onto the postcard backs to put into my box of postcard bits.

 I also found time to use some Shrink Polyester that I bought at the West Country Quilt Show back in November. Fabric can be placed on top of the polyester and stitched so I used some painted fabric that I had no use for and stitched over that in a grid with some zigzag stitch.

Here's the before

and after
This shrinks when holding a steam iron just above the polyester.  I think with more stitching I'd have a more interesting effect, but not too bad for a first attempt.  Now what do I do with it?  I'm not really sure.

I hoped to show some knitting that I've done, but technology has beaten me.  I have an app on my iPad called Dropbox and it's supposed to upload to the computer, but I can't seem to get it done at all.  I think I might have to take camera photos and upload those when I next do a blog post.

From my last post Karen had suggested that I do a tutorial about how I make my quilt labels.  I hope to get one on here soon.

15 January 2013

January Ramblings

Didn't know what to call this post, since I haven't posted for a couple of weeks so time for a good catch up.  I haven't been idle though.  Since the last time I have made a label for my bed settee quilt (the most important part of a quilt, try remembering when you've made something when there isn't one!)

I realised that I hadn't taken a photo of the completed quilt so here it is

And with it's accompanying cushions
Now to try and keep the settee from gathering other stuff, not easy!  This photo will remind me of what my settee should look like!

I've had a recent session of bag making, with this drawstring bag (minus the drawstring, I've got to get some cord), with some funky scooter fabric that I bought from Bramble Patch last summer
I rather liked the selvedge to this fabric, so that's been cut off and saved
Having taken up knitting (will show that in a later post I've made another zipper pouch bag for knitting bits and bobs
A couple of postcards were made but I can't show them just yet, as they are the first of the 2013 birthday swap on the BQLPC postcard group.  However this gives you a clue as to what features on them
He looks a bit drunk, doesn't he? I had a bash at another owl as the Festive Owl was packed away in the Christmas box.

Been to any January sales?  I let the post Christmas rush pass and made a leisurely trip to Castlepoint, a shopping centre in Bournemouth to have a mooch around M&S, Next and Monsoon.  Managed to get a coat, skirt and top from Monsoon.  Seemed to be rather drawn to the skirt which had hexagons and diamond shapes on it, can't think why, anybody would think I was a patchworker!
I went to Hobbycraft at Ferndown and bought a book there, I'd been thinking about buying this for a while and saw it reduced, what a result.
I also found that one of the authors, Jackie Gering, is also a guest on this week's Quilt Show so getting more of an understanding of the modern quilt movement.

I also manage to go to work as well.  I said I hadn't been idle  ;o)

01 January 2013

Almost Forgot About This...

Lynne at Lily's Quilts is hosting Fresh Sewing Day and I'm linking up to this

Lily's Quilts
So go over to her blog here 

Lynne asks about the quilting highlight of the year, which for me has to be the quilt I made for my sister Wendy's 50th birthday, which she was really thrilled with

I followed this at Christmas with a Union Jack cushion made with the remnants of the jelly roll quilt

As you will have seen from my last post I've made something already for the first day of the New Year, but here it is again

Starting as I mean to go on.....

New Year Normality

Having gone back to work yesterday and now a day off for New Year's Day, David and I are starting to get back to normal after the Christmas holidays.  A nice time as it was, it's a New Year and time to move forward.  A nice sunny day instead of the murk and rain of recent days we took ourselves to Bournemouth's West Cliff and went for a walk towards Bournemouth Pier.

I took a photo of David with my mobile and the day was so clear that not only can you see the pier, but to his left you can just about see the Isle of Wight.  It was quite busy on the promenade as people like us were making the most of the pleasant weather.  When we reached the Pier Approach we saw a few old cars which we found out were part of a classic car parade just the other side of the pier.  This was organised by a group called Classic Cars on The Prom.

The following photos will show a taste of the cars displayed, a bit difficult at time because of the crowds of people around the cars, although the top two photos it was a bit quieter towards the far end of the line.

They were just super and a nice addition to our walk along the prom.

Have any new year resolutions? Mine would be to cut down on magazines, I am a bit of a maga-holic.  Here's my pile over the past year on the dining table.  I've sorted in piles of Prima mags, knitting mags, patchwork and quilting mags and some embroidery and sewing mags.  I currently have subscriptions on Prima and Fabrications, so will have to think about whether I renew or not.
 Then there was the pile from the bedroom which was bought to add to the ones above (sorry I forgot to rotate the photo, but you get the drift)
 All these Rosemary Conley ones, funny they all have a similar theme.  That's one to go, I think I can get enough recipes (and diets) from this little lot when I get back on the post Christmas diet.
A jolly good sort out and a chucking out session once the recycling collections start next week.

I also have a number of books (doesn't every quilter!) and I may start to have a sort through those too.  I was thinking I may do some book reviews on the blog this year.
After we cleared away the Christmas decorations and getting them up in the loft, giving the place a good vacuum and moving some furniture back to their normal places, I managed a bit of sewing.  I have taken a free Craftsy class called "Bag Making Basics" not for making the bag but the make the zipper pouch.  I'm not that brilliant with inserting a zip into things but following the instructions was quite easy so I gave it a go and this is it
First new start of the New Year.