31 July 2010

More postcardy stuff...

For my 200th post (took a while to get there) I'm showing more postcards that I've made and received in the past week.

This week I've completed the set of postcards for the general BQL list challenge and they were sent out on Wednesday.  After having abandoned my crazy quilt cards after completing 2 I then opted to make 4 flip and sew cards and add some embellishments like using fancy machine stitches, ribbon and sequins and here's a pic below.

And here was the state of my room after finishing - what a mess.  I have tidied up (a bit) since then.

I'd also received more from this swap and also the BQL Postcard Group "Something Green" swap and below are the complete sets (some you will have seen from my previous post.
The other weekend I went to Doncaster Racecourse for the Summer Crafting exhibition.  What was meant by crafting was of the scrapbooking, card making variety, but thought it may give me some ideas.  I did buy some Micron pigma pens a set of 8 in a variety of colours for just £5.00 - seeing as they usually sell in quilt shops for around £2.50 it was a bargain.  But I had to try them out first - this was on a spare piece of pelmet vilene...

24 July 2010

Just a quickie

Do you like the look of my new template?  I found that the background I had used wasn't available so was left with a plain background.  So I've had a play with Blogger's templates and came up with this sort of butterflies one in purple.  Was also able to juggle around with the fonts as well - quite liked that.

I'm hoping this weekend is a quiet one and can get on with some sewing.  I've got 6 postcards to get out and I also signed up for an embellisher (needlefelting) swap to make a small bag so will dust that machine off and get going on that too.

I've now got one week left in this job - it didn't work out permanently but 5 months out of it.  The company now has someone who can do the systems work that I haven't got experience in so hope it all works out for them.  But the upside is I get a long holiday for August as I'll have a couple of weeks to myself before David and I have our holiday - to a family wedding and then Festival of Quilts.

Any pics? Well here's a couple that David took last week while away in Cornwall at St Just.  He couldn't describe them - they weren't quilts, weren't bunting.  I'd say they were banners - colourful applique ones. They were hanging on the buildings during St Just's festival last weekend.

Have a good weekend.

16 July 2010

Plethora of Postcards!

I've had quite a bit of postcardy post in the past week.  As well as the Something Green cards (mentioned in my last post) in the BQL Postcard group, the general BQL group also has a postcard challenge this month. Min are still in the making, but I've got 4 this week.  In the photo below (from left to right, top to bottom) are from: Inge, Irene, Miriam and Carol.  All so varied and all lovely cards that we've been pleased to receive.
I've had the first of the Something Green cards today, a beautiful green alligator, really brilliantly done.
I really must get on with the rest of my postcards for this month.  I'll get there in the end.

11 July 2010


I haven't posted for a while so have a bit to catch up on.  Visiting our sons last weekend down south, then yesterday went on a rail excursion to Carlisle so our weekends have been busy.  I will catch up with those on another post (or two, maybe), but meanwhile here is some sewing that I've been doing lately.

Going into the post shortly for some of the members of the BQL postcard group are some "Something Green" themed postcards.  Like last month and the Something Yellow ones I stuck to a single item for the green theme and chose pears.  I drew a pear and sectioned it so it had some shadow a bit like a still life.  The main piece being greeny-brown like the russet colour of the pear. In stark contrast to the pear I placed it on a black/white and white/black background. If you look at the photo you'll see what I mean.  Quite pleased how they went and might have another go at shading using fabric.

Yesterday's trip to Carlisle was rainy so not much to do after lunch than to dive into shops and one of those was Waterstone's where I purchased a book called Fabulous Bags to Stitch and Make by Jenny Rolfe. After looking through the book for ages I decided to buy and today had a go at one of the articles in her book of creating your own fabric. So here's my attempt below first of all layering sheer fabrics onto wadding and bonding them.

Then came the stitching - looking good so far.

Then here's the back - quite like that too.

And finally another lot of postcards in the making.  I'm doing a scrap set of postcards and have put my scraps onto wadding with Bondaweb, just like I'd done earlier. It hardly made a dent in my big scrap bag.  I'll decorate that with fancy stitches and variegated thread and may add some other decoration but see how that progresses.

I enjoyed my bit of playtime this afternoon, pity it had to stop to prepare for the week ahead.  Hey ho.