25 June 2007

Picture Frame Postcards

I made four postcards quickly this weekend for a swap that I forgot about. I signed up to an "Arts in the Mail" Picture Frame swap which was due to be posted this week, before the Ribbon Weaving one due in July.

It was when I received a couple of cards from this swap from Kate and Evelyn that it fell into place. I already had the picture blocks attached to background fabric but never used them so I'd orginally made "picture frames" from Bondwebbed fabric. However when I
went to the National Patchwork Championships at Sandown one trade there, Glitterati had a "loot bag" with an assortment of trimmings. The braids and ric-rac used made really good picture frames and finished of these picture blocks nicely.

All are now in the post to London (Kate), Germany (Evelyn) and USA (Kaye and Sue)

Holiday in France

Last week David and I have been on holiday in the Loire Valley. Last Tuesday we returned home to Poole from Cherbourg on Brittany Ferries ship the Barfleur. It has to negotiate going through the narrow channel leading into Poole. I could not resist taking some photo's (although it was getting dark) but have managed to get them in the wrong order, so here goes.

This is a view of Brownsea Island with its castle and cottages near the landing bay. The island is famous for the first scout camp run by Lord Baden-Powell a hundred years ago this year.

The pic to the left is of the Purbecks, the area around Swanage in Dorset. It was a lovely site to see when coming home.

Our time in France was spent in the Loire Valley, visiting chateux and other sites. A lovely time, lots to see, lots of walking and we did get some nice weather though a lot of rain too. I might seek out some pics later to post.

11 June 2007

Ribbon Weaving

Some postcards that I've recently completed and will go in the post tomorrow. Two of them are off to the U.S. adnd a third to New Zealand. Hope they get to their destinations, while we're off to ours. Good to be ahead of some things as these aren't due to be posted until 7 July.

The them of this swap is ribbon weaving, which I quite enjoyed doing. Various types of ribbon are woven over felt. Black tulle was placed on top and then free machined. Ric rac tidied the edges and finished with sequins. Lots of glitz here. Great fun.

Tissue paper printing

I've not posted for a little while and will be away for a week on holiday in France, hope to post some pics when I get back.

Today, I thought I would have a go at tissue paper printing. I had an assorted pack of coloured tissue paper and dampened calico. I laid the tissue paper on top and dampened a bit more with a spray of water in the first picture. The colours bled out onto the calico and this is the result, in the second picture when dry. Like it, not sure what to do with it.