28 September 2008

September Bag

As its towards the end of September it must be time for the September bag for the BQL Bag Challenge and here it is all completed. From the last post when the blocks were just joined together to make a front and back I had Friday off so in the morning I'd quilted, put in the zip, joined the 2 pieces and the lining too and by the lunchtime it was job done! I made an extra log cabin block so that I had a pocket for the lining. The second pic shows that.

Friday afternoon DH and I went off to Sheffield for the weekend. When I've uploaded the camera pics I'll post them on the blog. Managed to take some night time pics which I think have turned out well.

23 September 2008

Stringing along

On Saturday I went with my Mum to the New Forest Quilt Group's one day show at New Milton. A lovely sunny day it was a nice drive out there. It was only small but packed with lots of quilts all sizes and a hallowe'en challenge so not easy to take pics so I didn't try. I did purchase some fabric and threads (I know I shouldn't but it doesn't take up much space when moving!). I saw some lovely hand-dyed thread from Dyeing for It (sorry, they don't seem to have a website so no link, I'm afraid). The first pic has the contents of their bits and pieces bag and the second pic were more threads that I bought.

Sunday saw the start of the September BQL bag. A log cabin bag with a zip top (not looking forward to that). I did start with all good intentions of using the strips that I have in the scrap bag but I did then cut some strips from the stash. Anyway no new fabric was harmed in the making of this bag - I'm still sticking with using what I've got.

I quite enjoyed the process of joining the strips and as you can see I draped one of the strips with the log cabin blocks in a string before it was cut up. It looked like bunting!

The last pic taken this evening is the work in progress. I now have both sides done now and ready to layer and quilt.

17 September 2008

Quarterjack Quilters Exhibition

You will have noticed that my "advertising" for the Quarterjack Quilters on the sidebar has now gone as the exhibition at Upton House in Poole took place last weekend.
I didn't have as much time to look at this as I would have done as I only had a quick few minutes with the camera on Saturday afternoon, so this a small selection of exhibits.

The first picture is of batik wallhanging together with a wacky star quilt draped over and a smaller wallhanging and reversible table mats.

The second pic is a corner log cabin in lovely autumnal colours.

The next pic is of a table based on the "seasons" theme with summer items including hydrangea wallhangings and cushions, sunflower journal quilts and fabric bowls.

The fourth pic shows girly pink and purple stars and log cabin strips quilt - they really are lovely colours.

And lastly the fifth pic is another table on the "seasons" theme - this time Christmas. What exhibition doesn't have a bit of Christmas. Here there are assorted Christmas tree hangings, reversible table mats, fabric bowls and Cathedral Window bell pulls.

Upton Country Park is a lovely setting with the House and large grounds with gardens. There is also a tea room with a gallery above which often houses art exhibitions. The group were very lucky to have good weather for most of the time with only one rainy afternoon.

09 September 2008

On the move (part 2)

With less than one month before DH starts his new job in Sheffield, everyday has consisted of one "sort out" or another. Our house in Poole is being rented from November and we have to find a house to rent in South Yorkshire. I'm resigning from my job and leave mid October so we're hoping to be moving the end of October. So if anyone out there knows of any payroll jobs going in and around Sheffield let me know!

A discovery that I made while sorting out was some knitting. Some months ago when visiting my daughter in Bristol I visited a shop there called "Get Knitted". I bought some German sock wool the colourway is meant to be Neon, but it's difficult to see from this pic. One sock nearly finished and I've just started on the other, which is not bad considering I started knitting and left the first sock for months before picking up again. It's surprising what discoveries are made when sorting out.

As a follow on from my last post about the pincushion I received mine from Jenny in Wales, a gorgeously coloured pink and dark red pre-felt shapes embellished on top of each other. It was really soft and squishy, it feels too good to be a pincushion. Here it is resting on my keyboard.