13 August 2008


This is the chaos that is my sewing bench - which is on one side of one of the bedrooms, the other side has the computer and its paraphernalia. The reason for such a mess is that we are on the move.

DH was made redundant from his job this month after having a month of being "under threat of redundancy" we both knew what the outcome would be.

He has found another job which he'll be starting in October, which is good, however the down
side is we'll have to move....to Sheffield. After over 20 years of being in Poole, it is a very big move for us. But of course we must go where the work is.

The plan is he'll go up there, find somewhere to live and I'll follow later probably at the end of October, beginning of November. We'll rent a house and let our own house out down here in Poole.

So started the weekend with a clear out of one wardrobe, then another and there is soooo much stuff that the bedroom looks the mess that it is, these pics were taken last night but it was so much worse on Sunday afternoon!! It is amazing how much stuff accumulates - and it's not the end!

I hadn't got around to posting the latest postcards that I made at the end of July. Hot on the heels of the July bag I finished off the butterfly postcards that were due to be swapped on the BQL Postcard group. My postcards were made with butterfly fabric background with organza on top. Cut out butterflies were bondawebbed on top with another layer of organza and free machining to hold together. So far have had 3 postcards in return the picture below. I always find it amazing that one theme can produce such different results.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your husband's redundancy Sue (having been through it three times we can empathise) but wonderful that he's found something so soon. You will surely miss Poole (especially being so close to the sea) but take heart the Peak District and all the delights of Yorkshire will be on your doorstep and people are very friendly up north :o) I wish you all well


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