09 September 2008

On the move (part 2)

With less than one month before DH starts his new job in Sheffield, everyday has consisted of one "sort out" or another. Our house in Poole is being rented from November and we have to find a house to rent in South Yorkshire. I'm resigning from my job and leave mid October so we're hoping to be moving the end of October. So if anyone out there knows of any payroll jobs going in and around Sheffield let me know!

A discovery that I made while sorting out was some knitting. Some months ago when visiting my daughter in Bristol I visited a shop there called "Get Knitted". I bought some German sock wool the colourway is meant to be Neon, but it's difficult to see from this pic. One sock nearly finished and I've just started on the other, which is not bad considering I started knitting and left the first sock for months before picking up again. It's surprising what discoveries are made when sorting out.

As a follow on from my last post about the pincushion I received mine from Jenny in Wales, a gorgeously coloured pink and dark red pre-felt shapes embellished on top of each other. It was really soft and squishy, it feels too good to be a pincushion. Here it is resting on my keyboard.

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  1. Lovely Pincushion from Jenny
    Good Luck with the Move and job Hunt


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