22 February 2009

Visit to Leeds

Nothing special about going to Leeds as I go to work there! Where I'm working heads away from the city centre and I don't get a lunchbreak to be able to explore the city itself, so today as DH was working overtime I had the opportunity to use my season ticket and go there to wander. Another reason for my visit was to see the Vintage Fashion Fair at the Town Hall which took place today. A fascinating mix of clothes, accessories, jewellry, old knitting and sewing patterns and haberdashery. Some women went there dressed in vintage clothing looking to add to their wardrobes. What was really fascinating was the building itself. Very grand Victorian architecture and the colours on the walls and ceilings it was all I could do not to stare at the ceiling.

This is the outside of the Town Hall. As you can see a lovely clear blue sky.

Below is a pic of the very ornate organ pipesAnd below looking towards the circle at the back of the hall. It was so light with the lighting and the sun shining in there was no need for using flash.

After there was a visit to the Art Gallery just next door to the Town Hall. Outside was this Reclining Woman sculpture by Henry Moore, who was a Yorkshire born sculptor. She wouldn't have looked this relaxed over a week ago with the cold weather and snow!

I had lunch in the Tiled Gallery coffee shop before going to see the exhibits in this Victorian building with a modern extenstion. There's more info about the gallery here. Janet has put some more pictures of the Tiled Gallery on her blog after her visit to the Gallery earlier this week (and she's taken better photo's of the cafe than me!).

Above is the wall with it's montage of tiles and below is one of the arched ceilings with hexagon tiles. There is a patch where some have been damaged, but otherwise a very impressive ceiling.Pictures above and below are of the stained glass windows in the library in the old part of the galleryAfter being at the gallery I had a chance to see some shops, went to Borders (I love that bookshop) and came away from that with a quilting magazine, Fabrications, to read on the train home. They have quite a few craft books, but I resisted the temptation.

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