24 December 2009


This is my last post before Christmas. Getting everything ready for a trip down south first thing Christmas morning and an anxious eye on the weather to see if it'll be safe to go. There were snow showers last night and this morning, but the weather is gradually warming and is thawing slightly, so we'll wait and see.

Here are some photos of Christmas trees. Shopping trips recently to Wakefield after work and Leeds just this last Saturday and there are some lovely decorated trees out there.

This is the tree outside Wakefield Cathedral. It stands alongside what was the German Market. The market didn't last out until Christmas as it was closed down.
And this is the one in City Square, just opposite the railway station. In the background is the Old Post Office, which now houses restaurants and bars.

And here is our own Christmas tree. Had to buy a new one this year (we only have artificial trees, never real) and this one is said to fool Father Christmas that it's a real one. I say that after several sherries and mince pies he won't notice the difference!!

Last year I bought a snowmen decoration which has multicolour lights and has a lovely glow from our bay window and they are really cute. Here they are again.

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  1. Happy Christmas. Hope you had a safe journey south.


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