24 July 2010

Just a quickie

Do you like the look of my new template?  I found that the background I had used wasn't available so was left with a plain background.  So I've had a play with Blogger's templates and came up with this sort of butterflies one in purple.  Was also able to juggle around with the fonts as well - quite liked that.

I'm hoping this weekend is a quiet one and can get on with some sewing.  I've got 6 postcards to get out and I also signed up for an embellisher (needlefelting) swap to make a small bag so will dust that machine off and get going on that too.

I've now got one week left in this job - it didn't work out permanently but 5 months out of it.  The company now has someone who can do the systems work that I haven't got experience in so hope it all works out for them.  But the upside is I get a long holiday for August as I'll have a couple of weeks to myself before David and I have our holiday - to a family wedding and then Festival of Quilts.

Any pics? Well here's a couple that David took last week while away in Cornwall at St Just.  He couldn't describe them - they weren't quilts, weren't bunting.  I'd say they were banners - colourful applique ones. They were hanging on the buildings during St Just's festival last weekend.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Ha ha, that's how observant I am! It wasn't until I read your post that I realised my template background has disappeared too! Off to do some gardening and then I'll look at Blogger's templates and see what I can find! The wall hangings in St Just are nice - I like that place, we enjoy going down to Cape Cornwall and watching the sea!


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