07 November 2010

The trouble with blogging is....

You get sidetracked.  I follow some blogs, that link into other blogs and you think "that's a good idea".  I've gone into challenges this way, though I have been strong and said "no" to myself I have more than enough to deal with, but it is interesting to see other people's take on the same thing.

Kate's site has a couple of things going on - a Stay at Home Round Robin, here, where participating bloggers are given instructions of the next round of a quilt each month and it's interesting that although the same design is achieved the individual's colours and interpretation creates very different outcomes.  She's also running Another Little Quilt challenge too which isn't on a theme but is a specific size. I don't know how she keeps up with it all, but there is always interesting things to see.

Through Online Quilting, Lis' blog, there's another, not so much of a challenge but more of putting aside time for quilting, with the Friday Night Sew In, which I think runs once a month. This month on the 19th will be the second time I've taken part and I do have a few Christmassy things to do. I have a posting from last month's Sew In here.

E-mail groups have been just as bad and someone on the BQL list had suggested to someone else as a small item to make to get back into the swing of sewing, like a mug rug (like a large coaster big enough for mug and accompanying biscuit) on this site, Pleasant Home.
 On this site are tutorials and photos of what people have made from them. Lovely pics and the thought "I want to make one of those" on the one hand and "no I've got enough to do" on the other.

No photos to share today (shame) as I don't want to spoil any Christmas surprises, but I have finished off the postcards for the forthcoming "Bit of Bling" swap coming up in December and sent of the Black and White postcard swap.

Better not get sidetracked then.


  1. I'm so easily diverted - I really didn't need your help!

    I love the scrap bags though, so thanks for the link :-)


  2. I agree with Benta, lots of lovely links there, love those mug rugs!!


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