26 June 2011

Another New Toy

Yesterday I bought another new toy and it was all my husband's fault!  We went to Southampton and the first shop we go to is John Lewis.  He'll go to the audio department, I'll go to the Haberdashery but he was with me at the time.  I had been thinking about a sewing machine to take to classes or to do demos with, just a basic one, nothing fancy.  I saw this Janome one for just £89.00, it was basic and light and he agreed that I could do with this instead of taking my larger and a lot heavier machine out.

So here she is and I tried it out this morning and sews a little noisily but very well. If I was to get a quarter inch foot and a zipper foot it will do nicely indeed.

Meanwhile David had voucher to spend which was why we went to Southampton and he never spent it!

Today we went with Alex and his girls to Farmer Palmers a play farm just west of Poole, where they enjoyed seeing the animals and playing on the bouncy castles and the soft play centre.  For a change there was lovely summery weather to enjoy, though it did get a little too hot, we shouldn't complain.

They bought animal masks from the shop on the way out.

A lovely day was had by all!

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  1. That looks very like the little Janome I had for classes and to keep at the bach. It was ideal and did the job beautifully. I have now given it to my DD as a starter machine as I bought a secondhand but more bells and whistles Janome last weekend! She is over the moon.


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