12 December 2011

Unashamedly floral post

I like orchids as they flower indoors at a time when most other plants don't and the flowers last for ages.  When I moved to Yorkshire I was presented with a white Phalenopsis Orchid from the Bourne Quilters which throws out a long branch of blooms each year.  There are 13 so far and the stem is still growing and another stem has sprouted about halfway up.
Just before my birthday I went supermarket shopping at the local Sainsbury's store and found some nice orchids, grown in Sussex, in simple white pots. This is not as big as the white one, being about 12 inches tall, but there are a good number of flower buds on the stem.
Could not resist it - here's a close up of the flowers - they are so gorgeous!
Not to be outdone, my Christmas cactus, bought a couple of years back from Ikea in Leeds, decided to flower too.
They will miss Christmas as the flowers are passing over now, but they were lovely to look at in the kitchen, where it normally lives.
Some flowery postcards - a belated one from Barbara

And two that came in today's post from Irene (birthday) and Pauline (Here's one I made earlier).  Irene is a clever lady, with the lovely hand painted flowers and leaves.  Pauline's flowers with the diamante ends are sewn onto a needlefelted background.  Really great postcards both.
This concludes my fancy floral post!

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  1. A friend collects orchids too, amazing flowers aren't they


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