21 January 2012

Friday Night Sew In - Catch up Saturday

I thought I would post a catch up after the Friday Night Sew In.  I should have posted earlier, but I went out to join a friend for a knit and natter, then lunch out with David followed by the supermarket shop has taken care of most of today.

My Friday night was a late one continuing another Dresden Plate block, pieces of which I started to cut out and tack on Thursday.  Yesterday evening I tacked and machine sewed the plate pieces together, then pinned and tacked onto the background fabric.  I'd also cut and tacked around the middle circle to the freezer paper.  So this was the state of the block by the end of the evening.

As David was working all evening and into the night, this morning while he was still in bed and I'd got up I carried on with the sewing by appliqueing the plate to the background and afterwards I sewed the circle in the middle and it now looks like this.
I have since cut the background fabric away and removed the freezer paper from behind the shapes. Another block done to add to the other two here and here.

I also have another block in progress, but I'm getting fed up of dealing with the very pointy points on this DP.  I have tried trimming the allowance down so that there is less bulk in the point but I'm not happy with this.  If anyone has any ideas how I can make this look better I'm open to suggestions, but here it is:
And lastly on this, there is picture of the pattern of the DP blocks.  After the pointy one, there's just 2 to go.

When shopping today the bunches of flowers were drastically reduced and I got a £7.50 bunch for just £1.88.  I could not resist this bundle of colour, if it just lasts the weekend it'll be good, any longer a bonus.
And finally, my daughter, Sarah, has got to LA.  She has contacted me though facebook that she arrived safely.  As she travels on her own, I get a bit worried about her safety, so I hope that she'll keep posting regularly.  She is out there for a week and it'll be good to hear her when she gets back to the UK.


  1. I've never seen these particular Dresden Plate styles. They're very interesting, especially with the beautiful colors you've chosen!

  2. Love the colors you have used in your blocks. I have no suggestions for you since I have never done any blocks like these. I think they are beautiful.

  3. Love the dresden plates Sue, and congrats on your recent win! :o)


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