12 November 2012

Catch up post

What has happened with the time.  It was October and now well into November.  I've not had much time to sew recently but I did have a good sewing weekend this last weekend when I stitched Saturday morning (no going to the supermarket, himself went instead) and most of yesterday.  I made a couple of postcards for birthdays this coming month which I will blog about once the birthdays have passed.

On the last workshop I lost my rotary cutter :o( which I (foolishly) hadn't marked and I don't know where it walked off to. So my new cutter arrived (very speedy by an Amazon trader) and so I've put a name tape on it and made a dangler from small pieces of pelmet Vilene.  So lesson learned from that is to make sure everything is marked.

I have been working on my green and grey quilt which has progressed from being quilted to having binding sewn on, trimmed and being hemmed.  My next project was finished in an afternoon making another coathanger bag for the wardrobe, this time to store my white fabric (for dyeing) which was previously stashed in a Next bag on a hanger. This was done as a sew and flip using up odd bits of the green and grey.
  I have a couple more of these bags to make - one for spare bits of calico and another for the "stabilisers" the Vilene bits and pieces - so potentially a more organised looking wardrobe and gets rid of those carrier bags.

I just now have tiny bits of the green and grey pieces left after making the quilt and the bag, think I did pretty well from the 11 fat quarters that came in the quilt kit.

 Doughty's Fabrics will be coming to West Parley Memorial Hall near Ferndown next Saturday and will be helping my Mum to choose fabrics for a quilt she is making.  I hope I won't be tempted but who knows.

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  1. loving those grey and green fabrics together. I really need to take your advice about labelling my equipment that was a good reminder, thanks :)


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