18 February 2013

Weekend stuff

This last weekend was mainly a stay-at-home one, just pottering around.  I sent off some postcards for a Flying Geese swap with 4 others, although I made 6 cards, there's now 2 to spare for another time.

My scrappy Trip Around the World blocks are increasing.  This is where I was yesterday
Later that afternoon I completed another 3
I'm not giving any thought to the arrangement of the blocks but it is surprising how they make their own pattern when put together. I'm enjoying this so far, nice easy piecing.

I also made progress on my cardigan in the last week and have finished the back and made a start on the right front.
The photo is a bit dark, this was taken in the evening I had the lights on by then.

I also succumbed to magazine and small book buying - in fairness I subscribe to Fabrications, but I liked what was in the Sewing World maggie.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture of the books.

Last of all David was able to take advantage of the sunny (but cold) weather this weekend and was able to plant out the rose that Alex and Mary got us for Christmas, at long last.  Nice to see things coming to life and know that spring is around the corner.

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  1. I love your geese postcards. The geese must be tiny.


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