23 October 2013

Day at Rosemoor

I had to go to the Quilters' Guild regional meeting in Exeter on Saturday and would normally whizz down to Exeter, sometimes giving a  lift to one or two people on the way and whizz back again afterwards.  However this time, because I have a RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) membership this year and also because David has been working at home recently and not always being able to go to an office and needing to "escape".   We decided to stay overnight in Barnstaple and then go to the RHS garden in Rosemoor, near Torrington on the Sunday before returning home on Sunday afternoon.  It was a fabulous place to get a feel of the autumnal scenery with the leaves on the trees turning and a last blast of colour from late summer flowers and roses.  The vegetables too, at harvest time looked pretty good too.  Here are some photos that I took
Colourful dahlias

Pampas grass against the red acer
There were a lot of roses still in bloom
I tried to find the name of this plant, it still looked good in autumn

Some gourds called "Speckled Swans" drooping from the dying plant they were hanging from

Sculptures, like this sundial
and these children
The urn wasn't that big, just took a close up. To the left is "the gardener" statue

Mustn't forget the vegetable garden, runner beans growing on a pergola and pumpkins...

and chickens
took me a while to find them, they're not real, just metal
And lots of autumn coloured trees

Just loved the ferns growing in the dry stone wall. 

The sky wasn't brilliant for photo taking as it was grey and murky as it kept threatening to rain, but the skies later cleared for a lovely drive through the country roads before making our way home. A lovely Sunday day out.

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  1. Looks lovely , I especially love the sun dial!


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