18 November 2013

Birthday Postcards

Not mine, as my birthday is at the end of the month, but for others in BQLPC who also have birthdays this month. What is it about November that there are 4 birthdays so close to each other?

In order of dates here they are:


This year there was no theme set by the recipient, so it was our own choice of designs.  I'd made some earlier this year with a Japanese theme using some fabrics from a Japanese fabric charm pack which I used for Diana's card.  Avril's used some fabric with dressmaking motifs on and I managed to find some stamps on a sewing theme too.  One of my early samples of machine embroidery was used for Inge's card. 

There will be one more birthday at the end of December which is done and ready to post when to time comes.

Yesterday was spent making the Christmas postcards and now have made 14 cards with a Christmas collage theme, so lots of bits cut, fused and stitched.  Made quite a mess with working on these, but now they are done I can have a bit of a tidy up.  So that is all my postcard making done for the year.

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