16 December 2013

Getting There

Not much made, but getting ready for Christmas.  Getting food, shopping for presents.  I did do a workshop day last Friday but haven't yet uploaded photos to show what I've made.  What I can show is the Secret Santa for a colleague at work for whom I bought a mug with sachet of hot chocolate and marshmallows in a set which I thought needed something else....

I actually made this before I made the one for Merrill (in my last post) in red and white which went really well with the mug.  She was pleased with her pressie and I quite enjoyed both the little mug rugs that I made, quite quick and easy.

I can now show the last postcard that I made for the birthday girl of the year, Rosemary, which I made way back in September, her birthday due very soon.

Looking back in the album of birthday swaps in the Yahoo group it appears I have a thing for birds as I've made several bird themed cards this year.

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  1. Great mug rug, perfect place for a hobnob


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