30 March 2014


I officially leave my job tomorrow, but my last working day was last Thursday, so for now I am a 'Lady of Leisure' for the time being.  I did get a nice bunch of flowers.

Jamie, my youngest and his wife Carly gave me some flowers for Mothers Day.  David and I babysat last night and taking the flowers home afterwards, they were left in the kitchen sink overnight before finding a vase to put them in.  

So 2 lovely vases of flowers. Outside the flowers in our garden are doing well.  Of course we have daffodils and last autumn we bought a mixed bag of daffodil bulbs which have really done well this spring seen here with some periwinkle and pieris. 

The bight yellow Kerria has taken off alongside the white Stellata Magnolia, which doesn't stay in flower for long.

What didn't flower last year but has made an appearance this year are some Grape Hyacinths

It's good to see plants coming along nicely in the garden.

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