15 February 2015

Sew Together Bag

I've spent yesterday and this afternoon making a Sew Together bag, a pattern that I purchased recently from Sew Demented via Craftsy.  I used some fabrics from Hobbycraft. So here I am putting in 4 zips!  At one stage when reading some of the instructions over a few times before getting it I felt a little demented too, but I got there. Quite pleased how it's turned out

I've even managed (by chance) to have this little badger on the zip tab.

On the subject of pouches I received this lovely little one from my friend Benta of Slik Stitches.  

The front is a clear vinyl with the zip. I like the paperclips on the Orange fabric!
And the back, just lovely.

This pouch will be just right for block units. So far this year I've gone  mad on pouches.


  1. I love your pouch, beautifully stitched and gorgeous woodland print!

  2. Oh you are brave tackling so many zips - even my one caused me lots of stress!!!


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