24 May 2015

This Week Has Been Eventful

We started this week ordinarily enough. David went to the office at Southampton for this weekly 'Day out' as he normally works at home, however he complained of a tummy ache after getting back, which during the course of the evening got worse and worse so by just before 11.00 I took him to A&E at Poole Hospital.  No waiting around, he was seen straight away and taken to a cubicle and Sarah and I were able to see him an hour later after he was violently sick. After being observed and having X-ray and other tests he was admitted and we left hospital at 3 am on Wednesday morning.  

Wednesday was taken up in phone calls to our managers, visits to him in hospital (he was left with just a hospital gown) and catching up with sleep! Suffice to say, my head wasn't where it should be and although I took clothes in for him, I realised he had no reading glasses, no money, a phone which I hadn't charged up. By the time he left hospital on Thursday there was something else I'd forgotten, shoes!  The conclusion was he'd suffered gastro enteritis but there would be further follow up tests.

So after that kerfuffle we cancelled a weekend break we were going to take in Devon and we decided to take things easy this weekend. So yesterday, with David feeling very much better and raring to go, we went to just outside Yeovil, about an hour's drive from home, where there are several National Trust places to visit in a few miles of each other. I've been having trouble with my camera and I took the memory card out and forgot to put it back in, so the photos taken have been with my phone. Being a nice sunny day  I couldn't see the screen so had to take a chance with what I was taking.

We went to Lytes Cary Manor, with a Tudor Manor House owned by a family for many generations, left neglected before being lived in again from the early 20 th century which was kept in moreorless the same style it was previously in, not much sign of more modern things.  But the gardens there were pretty amazing and very peaceful apart from the birdsong.

Not far away was Tintinhull Garden. A small house there but that was used as the visitor centre and small tearoom but as the name suggests, the garden was the main feature, and it didn't disappoint.  Lovely and peaceful, with had garden 'rooms' and just masses of flowers and a large vegetable plot. 
The photo above was a picture of the water in the pond, on which the clouds above were reflected, but look closely and the grey bits in the water are tadpoles, seemed like millions of the things. The White spots might have been the water boatmen there were loads of those just below the water surface.

We.then went onto Barrington Court, which we visited last year, but was nice to make a return visit and have a wander around the gardens there too. There was temptation in the form of a patchwork shop there but I'm saving myself for a visit to Sandown exhibition next month. No photos here from the phone, but David took several so I will share those in a later post.

We finished our day out going back to Dorchester on our way home and having a meal at Carluccio's restaurant there, very nice.


  1. How horrible for you both, I'm so glad he's feeling better now and you were still able to enjoy a day out yesterday.

  2. Lovely dy out, but I hope David is taking it easy - sounds horrible for both of you


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