11 August 2015

Festival of Quilts

I thought I would blog about this while things were still fresh in my mind.  I enjoy going to the Festival of Quilts each year as I feel that it celebrates the diversity of quilting. From traditional to modern, very small to very large, single person to a group of people, there is something there for everyone.  It is a big international show, being close to Birmingham Airport and other transport links.

First of all, my apologies if you see your work here and that I've not attributed.  I've tried (and David) to take photos of the signs next to the quilts, but in our enthusiasm may have forgotten.

There were the miniatures, such amazing work in small scale.
 By Philippa Naylor
By Kumiko Frydl

I enjoyed quilts made by younger people, there are some talented youngsters out there

The Show Stoppers, I was fascinated by the chess set, but nothing to say who made it (should have bought the catalogue). The details that went into the characters was amazing.
The group that did Meerkats and last year the bus stop with quilters waiting to go the quilt show came up with a Show and Tell

How the ladies come up with inspiration each year, I do not know, but they managed to turn the group quilts section into a taking point.

This was not the best in show, which I did take a photo of with my camera and the photos had been deleted from the memory card (arrgghh!) but this was a winner in a category that I can't remember now.

I also thought this group quilt was quite clever, by Haverwerf Machelen.

There are so many more quilts that could be shown from the Festival, but I thought I would show this one of my photographer taking a well earned rest with a cup of tea.

I will follow with some more pictures soon.


  1. The chess set was made by Mavis Walker of Lightwater. Someone on Facebook, can't quite remember who, said she is very skilled at achieving different expressions for her figures. I loved the expression on the face of the knight who looked either determined or constipated depending on your point of view. :-) I was sorry to have missed you at Festival. I really enjoyed it this year although it wore me out. Thank you for blogging your favourites, you saw things I missed.

  2. Thanks for the photos, especially as I didn't get there this year. I'm always taken with the minatures - fantastic


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