26 November 2015

Christmas Pudding

With less than a month before Christmas Day, I thought I would show you a Christmas Pudding that I made.....

Were you expecting a real one?

I started this at Bourne Quilters the beginning of this month having had a demonstration by another quilter, Vera.  She supplied the fabrics, brown and cream metallic ones. Somerset Folded Patchwork pieces were arranged over a polystyrene sphere and pinned in place.  I found a Christmas plate yesterday in Sainsburys (do you know how hard it's been finding the right plate?) which did the job. 

All this squares of fabric folded into triangles are just the thing to do while watching the television of and evening. I was able to hold the points of the triangles using a binding clip while using thread to tack the top folds together. Arranging and pinning on we're quite hard on the fingers, but again it was a good thing to do while sitting of an evening.  


  1. Vera is a star, we did them last year :) well done xx

  2. That looks fab! I've done the Somerset folding to make s flat thing, but not the 3D version!

  3. love the Christmas Pud, especially as there are no calories!


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