21 February 2016

Weekend Sewing

Mixed fortunes in this weekend's sewing.  Part two of the Splendid Sampler appeared on Thursday and yesterday was the earliest I could make this was yesterday.  Keeping the mostly red and white them adding some black and white for this butterfly wings block. A bit chunky with seam allowances in places but otherwise looks good, it'll pass muster.

Today block 3 was posted.  One large heart with 5 smaller.  Made a start on that with one (not so successful) small heart and one larger heart, which went together a whole lot better.
As you will see, another block, a Farmer's Wife one is also in progress, on my work board.

Another Farmer's Wife block was made this afternoon (accompanied by Sounds of the Seventies on Redio 2). This one is Katherine, quite and easy machine pieced block, no fiddly bits involved here.

Another make I've done this weekend, which I couldn't resist doing were these little Pixie baskets on the Fabric Mutt blog.  

I could have taken a better photo, but I like making little bits.  I have used wadding in both the baskets but I think the outside pieces may just need to be backed with some Vliene, to stabilise, which I might try next time.

It's good to have something to show for the weekend's sewing,

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  1. Wow, some complicated blocks there! Well done


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