02 May 2016

Splendid Sampler 6

Since the last Splendid Sampler round up I have finished block 17' all 57 pieces

A slight gather in the middle but not too bad considering it was pieced. Took a while but got there In the end.

By contrast was a lovely easy 9 patch block is Block 21, Sweet Candy designed by Kris Thurgood.

A bonus blog, for Earth Day on 26 April was this block

There was optional embroidery inside the circle, but decided to leave that.  I chose green for day and dark blue for night. I machine appliqued this blanket stitch.

Block 22 Goose on the Loose, designed by Amy Udall Smart, a Foundation paper pieced block.  I didn't have many problems with this so I had that completed quickly, unlike another paper pieced block which I have found challenging and haven't finished yet.

I download the patterns on my iPad and save into iBooks which saves on printing out unless I have to trace an embroidery. It turns out that the scale is slightly small where 1" measures 7/8", which is no good for foundation paper piecing, so the patterns have to be printed from the computer which does come out the correct scale. From the Farmers Wife blocks, I also found printing onto some thinner paper than normal helps with removing paper after completing the blocks.

The latest block is block 23 Hand in Hand by Kari Carr. A pieced block with dimensional triangle blocks  in between the larger Half square triangle blocks.  Should have read the instructions again and was caught out with not trimming down the half square triangles before adding the blue triangles, had to make them again! Notice the little gull in the middle block? I though it was time to pick out something that identifies where I live and also their presence in the town. The doggy fabric is just for fun.

This leaves blocks 15, 19 and 20. Following my note above about foundation piecing I have to do this again, it's a difficult block so not happy about that, but it must be done.  19 and 20 involve embroidery do they are taking a bit longer to get done.

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