20 July 2016

The Splendid Sampler 9

Almost last month since my last update I thought I would catch up with where I'm at with this project so far which has reached Block 45 so almost at the halfway stage. I've been away on holiday for a week and some blocks are needing more work with embroidery and foundation piecing.

This is not on the block list, but is one of the fabrics that I've used in my Splendid Sampler stash that I just cut up a 6.5" square.  You can see it looks good on its own.

From these little 3/8" hexies 

Came this Inchy Hexagon Club designed by Jane Davidson

This didn't take as long as I thought as I hand stitched these little hexies while watching the television in the evening and at a Sewing Saturday afternoon. I stitched this onto this quirky little dog background  fabric.

My next block is a fusible applique block Block 38 Vintage Flower Basket by Pam Vieira-McGinnis, aka Pam Kitty Morning. I used some Passion flowers and a butterfly. The centres of the flowers have small flower sequins and ricrac is used to make the handle of the basket.

I could have done with this block to have taken away on holiday, but this was posted on the SS while I was away, so it had to wait until my return home, but I still had a Hexie project to take away, more of that next. This is Block 41 Sew South by Jennifer Mathis.

The next block made Pincushion Love, Block 43 by Pat Sloan, she asked about our favourite pincushions and this photo is taken with my large orange strip pieced one. This block was also a fusible applique block so was was quick to make.

On the above right is my new pincushion which is the Hexie project that I took away on holiday and finished at home as I needed some polyester stuffing which I had plenty of. In the middle of the pic is a real strawberry from our garden. This block was enhanced with a bit of embroidery and a couple of sequins for pin heads.

Now I come to a casualty.  This is Block 40, Flighhts of Friendship by Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson, aka Me and My Sister Designs.  I made this block, containing 52 pieces, ok, but the seams were a bit springy and the block wouldn't lie flat.  I sprayed some water before ironing but didn't let it soak through the fabric and left brown marks on the block.  Tried to wash out but the marks didn't all come out, which shows most on the background fabric.

So I made one larger Friendship Star block instead. Much happier with the result, better than trying to cram 4 stars into one 6.5" square.

Still in progress

One of 3 pencil blocks - I used a selvedge middle which I quite like - 2 more to make.

An embroidery block and and applique block to add stitching too are in progress.

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