24 August 2016

Two More Journal Quilts

One was made some time ago but not posted and another was made at the weekend, fulfilling the deadline of the end of August. These quilts had to have at least a small amount (.5") of green and the finished size 8" wide by 10" long.

This was the first of the four, made back in May but not photographed, let alone blogged, Instagram-med.  I had some strips left over from the Jan Hassard workshop in April and utilised those for the background of this little quilt and applied circles with applique and reverse applique. A couple of the circles were the cut away ones from the quilt top.

I quilted this with the wavy quilt stitch on my machine and turned the backing fabric over to the front for the border, that's the yellow spotted fabric. I stitched down by machine instead of hemming by hand, which wasn't that successful. I think I'd rather take the time to hand sew as it wouldn't have taken long.

The latest one was inspired by the Sticks and Stones quilts that I saw at Happy Patcher's exhibition in Wimborne last week. I didn't take any photos as the hall was dark. So using strips of batik fabrics I set to on Sunday afternoon. Some strips were joined and re-cut as strips of squares and joined to strips and so on going this way and that until I had the size I needed.

So this is what I ended up with, I'm sure it's nothing like the quilts I saw but a lot looser. Using that wavy stitch again and with a red/green variegated thread for the quilting and the edging. This was the August quilt done.

I've uploaded to the Contemporary Quilt Group Yahoo group yesterday evening together with prepared descriptions, so I'm pleased that I've caught up.

There they are in clockwise order from top left - May, June, July and August.


  1. Such happy colourful projects and so neat. Marion x


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