31 December 2017

Some Finishes For This Year

I hope you had a good Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year.  This year has been a mixed bag of ups and downs with family illnesses, bereavements but also a wedding too and hope for a more positive 2018 year to come.  Looking forwards David and I have just booked a cruise for next December around the time of our 41st anniversary so at least its something to work towards. There may be some other good news too, but that will wait until further into the New Year, watch this space.

I did mention some finishes in time for Christmas and these were well received.  I made a couple of jumpers which I hadn't mentioned before (just in case the family had seen this).  Sophie and Isobel, my granddaughters like the Harry Potter books, in fact Sophie is HP made so a couple of jumpers were made which I can now share here:

This is Isobel's - Ravenclaw House (I found out later this should have been blue and bronze, but I think the bronze would have been difficult to interpret in a yarn colour.

And Sophie's - Slytherin House
(excuse the scissors, how did they get in there?)

David managed to source the badges, which I sewed on and they don't look too bad.  On Boxing Day when they received their jumpers they were worn straight away! However my grandson Leo has also recently discovered Harry Potter and almost devoured the books and looked a bit crestfallen that he didn't get a jumper.  Guess who will now be knitting a Gryffindor version!  The order went to Wool Warehouse which arrived yesterday along with a yarn pack for another project for next year.  Plenty to keep me busy!!

This is a Quarter 4 Finish as this was the Christmas knitting I couldn't reveal earlier (just in case).

I also put the finishing touches to a picture that I made at the Kantha stitching workshop a few months ago.  I bought a canvas just slightly bigger than the stitching.  I painted and mounted it onto the canvas so I'm pleased that its another finish, just have to think where it's going to go.

Really pleased with that and I may try another picture using this technique as it was so relaxing doing this piece.

I have made progress with a quilt I am making but just have to finish off threads and I've just ordered some fabric to do the binding, which I found was on sale and is in the same range. Hoping that comes during the week next week it may be a finish on Sewing Saturday next Saturday.

Back to knitting and this was finished on Christmas Day evening, so here is a sockfie.

I loved the pumpkin colours as I chose the yarn back in October and used Winwick Mum's easy lace pattern, though the yarn colouring is probably a bit busy for the pattern and perhaps I should have used a plain yarn, but I think it looks good and was a good pattern to follow.

Next up I started on another pair of sock starting from the toes instead of the cuff. The free pattern on Ravelry is by Louise Tilbrook.  Seemed to go ok until I hit the gusset and heel shaping and I don't think things are going right, so may need a bit of un-knitting (frogging) and starting again from the end of the toe increase.  Its a bit more of a learning curve but sure I will get there in the end.

This was the photo I posted on the Winwick Mum Knit and Natter group on Facebook.

My next post, which may be this evening or could be tomorrow will be a review of 2017.  Until then, have a lovely time, whatever you do for New Year.  With my best wishes for a 


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