30 January 2018

My Finish A Long (sort of)

Back at the beginning of this month I listed my finishes and unfinishes for the end of Quarter 4 of the 2017 Finish A Long.  I have well and truly missed the boat for joining in the 2018 listing of finishes for the first quarter of this year, but still want to aim to get some things finished if I can so I will list my targets for this quarter up to the end of March which I will put in the side bar.

So here goes

That Frivols Quilt - has been quilted and only the binding left to do. I got the binding fabric in a sale which arrived really quickly so no excuses, this must be finished!

Hexie runner - quilting needs to be finished and trimmed and bound.
Pouches - Earlier this month I used my scrappy strips and made some square to become pouches like this one

 There are 4 squares here, about 9.5" - 10" which some long zips which were passed on to me.  They will go to charity sales to raise funds for either Project Hope or Project Linus.  I'm going to look for small charms to add to the zip pulls.

I am sort of continuing with my Stitch Sewing Organizers makes but not following the Instagram prompts.  I made a tape measure cover to go over a plain round Janome tape measure.  I looked at the instructions which seemed more complex so what I did in the end was to draw around the measure and cut out circles of pelmet Vilene and measured the circumference and made another Vilene strips for that.  Cutting the fabric 3/8ths" bigger all round to cover the pieces and putting together English Patchwork style.

A nice addition to my sewing equipment.

I've already mentioned in my last post about the crochet blanket so I'm guessing this will take up most of this quarter too.  

I've also got the embroidery to finish and also see how I'm going to display this.

And Jack and the Beanstalk mini quilt - must sort that one...
I think that's it.  Given myself plenty to do.  Got to keep busy!

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  1. Lots of lovely stuff but I really love the church door! I don’t remember seeing that before, is it partially painted?


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