23 October 2007


I've completed 6 postcards on the theme of Letters for the British Quilt List Postcard Group. I decided to take the letters that are found on the selvedges of fabric. Digging out as many fabrics as I could that had names on the selvedge I gradually built up on a 13 inch piece of Vilene. After ironing onto the Vilene I then used varied sizes of zig zag with orangey variegated thread. Then ironed onto Bondawebbed craft Vilene and backing before cutting up into 6 postcard sized pieces.

Using some rub on letters, which I first tried out on a piece of fabric and thought it would work, I used these to highlight the names of the recipients and also the first letter of Postcard. Took a bit more work but the effect was worthwhile. I also used the colour samples on the selvedges by Bondawebbing these between the message and the address portions of the cards. These will be posted tomorrow as they are due before the end of October.


  1. Sue - I think this is an inspired idea for postcards and I especially like the colour dots down the centre of the back :o)

  2. What a brilliant idea Sue!
    Isn't it amazing how sometimes the most simple of ideas always turn out the best.

  3. What a clever idea! I saw you card over on Kate's blog and had to give you a visit. I love that you put so much detail into the back of the cards as well.

  4. What a great idea, I would never have thought of it:)

  5. These are too cool!


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