07 March 2008

February Bag

I seem to be trying to catch up with myself and in the process have been late with deadlines. I missed an embellisher swap earlier this month and had to drop out, which I hadn't done before. I'd also managed to be late with the February bag challenge on BQL (see the link on the right). Had the month been 31 days long instead of 29 I might have made it! Anyway here it is, all done without the hearts that feature on most of the bags for Feb. A batik fabric, like January's bag, decorated on one side with some couched metallic stranded thread. Already in use, I've taken it to a committee meeting this week and just the right size for folders.

So far I've made 4 bags this year and am on a 5th with the BQL March bag which will feature black and white fabrics with a bright red strip. When I went to one of my quilting groups last night the others there were also working on a bag, but although a nice design I think that one will wait.
This year definitely seems like the year of the bag!

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