02 March 2008

First Postcards of 2008

I've been a little tardy with posting on the blog lately please do excuse me but I have been productive and more will come later. I've made postcards for a Scraps and Stitches swap on Arts In the Mail Yahoo Group. I had 3 to make with 2 going to the US and one in the UK. Having made a batch as one whole piece before I decided I would take this approach again.

In my scrapbag I used odd square of fabric and tried to look for pieces with pictures on them. I've used selvedges before and added them in too. I also found some triangles and made them into quarter or half squares.

I thought how the back looks more interesting than the front and took a pic of that before it was covered with Bondaweb, Pelmet Vilene and backing fabric.

The next pic shows the cards separated and with false binding on them. I hadn't tried this before as I normally use a zig zag or close buttonhole stitch to neaten then edges. The technique was easy, though fiddly but left a nice neat edge so I'll use that again sometime.

The 4th pic shows a different card which is a
February challenge card, using a plain fabric and one thread for the same Yahoo group. I cut the fabric 7" x 5" and marked a 5" x 3" rectangle and stitched twice around it in variegated thread. I then made a wave pattern in the smaller rectangle. With fusible tape around the edge of the fabric this was fused onto the back of the Pelmet Vilene before the backing fabric was fused onto that. A wholecloth quilt on a postcard!

It was great to get back into the swing with cards again and there will be another swap this month
for a different Yahoo Group and that'll be fastenings. Will have to get my thoughts together on that one.


  1. Hi Sue!
    I'd love to trade with you at CYBER FYBER....and I would have sent the card....but, I didn't find the follow-up, private email message to cyberfyber@prodigy.net that included your "real" address! Please write back with this information! Let's trade!

  2. Hi Sue. I am originally from Poole, but now live in Devon.
    Love your postcards.


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