27 April 2008

More photos of Brittany

Here's a few more of my photos from my hols in Brittany. I managed to take one of Mont St Michel from my phone. As you can see the tide was not long out and later people were to park in that area later. Mont St Michel is very commercialised which coachloads of tourists and lots of shops to relieve them of their money on the way up to the abbey. At the abbey we let the tours with their guides go through first before going into the rooms there.
There were a lot of stained glass windows, but I liked this one in one of the chapels best with it lovely pastel colours.
And I could not resist taking a pic of one of the pillars, wonderful detail in the carving. Looks as though it was replaced fairly recently.
Another day we went to Quimper. Just outside the cathedral there was a courtyard leading to the Breton Museum. There was an exhibition of the Breton costumes as worn in the different areas of the region. The photo above show the metalwork in the arches of a walkway with stems and leaves.
And another door. This is at the bottom of the Rohan Tower at the museum. Very interesting pattern on the door.

I will get around to posting some actual sewing stuff very soon.

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time,
    lovely photos.


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