26 May 2008

May Bag and Bank Holiday

As the Bank Holiday has been a wet one, well Sunday and Monday mornings were, I decided it was a good time to make the May bag, part of the BQL Bag Challenge (see sidebar).

The design used bow tie blocks and the pic above shows the chained pieced blocks draped over my machine.
Then joined together ready for quilting
I decided to put a pocket in the lining, with what remained of the Japanese style fabric. This was yet to be ironed so it looks a little untidy here.
At last finished and photographed. The colours are autumnal but I know someone who might like these colours.

I am managing to use fabrics in my stash, but somehow I don't have any more room in the storage drawers no matter how much I use. How does that happen?

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  1. So cute bag! My colors! Don't you know that stash fabs procreate rapidly!!! LOL


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