05 May 2008

Not much sewing done again..

..that is because my sewing machine has gone to hospital! I've had some problems which have got worse, the main one being that thread was being broken of while I was sewing, so must be catching inside the machine, but of course I can't get into the machine to find out the cause. Off it went to the machine dealers to sort out and give it a service too. Hope its not away for too long.

Meanwhile it's been May Bank Holiday weekend and nice to have a 3 day weekend (still isn't long enough, work beckons tomorrow. Spent some time on Saturday and today out in the garden.

Above is my camelia, called Baby Pearl, which is flowering at present. This was an anniversary present from my parents, when my husband and I celebrated our Pearl (30th) wedding anniversary last December.
This is the first bloom on my Arum Lily, which was only planted last year, please do excuse the weeds around it - I've yet to get to that corner!
This is an Erysimum, or perennial wallflower. I love wallflowers. This one is Patchwork something or other (I'll have to look that up) but I love the variety of colours from yellow to pink and mauve just on one plant! To the left of that is a hardy geranium which will soon be covered in white flowers.
Another plant thats going well is the Euphorbia, this one's called Fireglow, because of the bright orangey-red bracts. To the right of that are the bright leaves of my small magnolia which have just come out.

I hope that another plant that will come into action soon will be the Callistemon, bottle brush plant. I've got 2 of those a red one and a yellow one, they've got masses of buds on them so am hoping for masses of flower.

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