22 June 2008

June bag and other bits

Above is a pic of my June bag in progress. In a previous post I'd already done the flying geese which I'd put together before my holiday. This is how it is 2 weeks later having quilted, put the base on (and awaiting hand stitching of the base binding). I've also stitched the handles ready to turn right sides out and the lining is also in progress so coming together nicely.

Some other work that's been going on this weekend is in the utility room. Our kitchen was updated with new units 5 years ago but the utility room had the original units that were fitted with the house. The doors on the units have been replaced to match the kitchen and a new wall cupboard was added. My brother-in-law, George, carried out the work for us , with DH assisting as his gofer. Thank you, George, you've done a really great job!I haven't updated with any holiday pictures but I'll try and put that right soon!

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  1. The tote is adorable! New cupboards really make a gal want to do "mundane" chores....almost!


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