04 October 2008

On the move, part 3

DH is due to start work In Sheffield on Monday and I have an interview in in Wakefield, so things are on the move. Back up north again tomorrow and I will back in Poole on Monday for my last week of work at the Borough of Poole. More tidying up, more sorting out and sorting out something to wear for Monday's interview. The house were renting and our own house rental have come together nicely so it would be nice if my job got sorted as well as his.

Castlepoint shopping centre in Bournemouth is not a place to visit on a wet Saturday afternoon. Not a space to be had in the car park and got frustrated trying to find one so left there and went to Bournemouth Town Centre. Am I the only one that doesn't like the shoes on offer in any of the shoe shops at present? They're either flat or have very high heels, neither of which I like seems to be nothing in between and every shop seems to have their version of Ugh (sorry, that should be Ugg) boots. Sorry, don't often rant, and I'm getting off topic here.

It was good to see the area were moving to last weekend as up to that point DH had only seen the house, though he'd taken pictures to show me. Whilst out last Saturday afternoon on our trip to Hemsworth we went via Elsecar Heritage Centre where there was a Thomas day on the railway and the exhibition shed had a garden railway exhibition which was really good.

Whilst on the subject of last weekend I didn't put a couple of photos that I took of the plant arrangements outside Sheffield Town Hall. These were made from sempervivium plants and depicted steelworkers - one male pouring molten steel, one female trimming a knife at a grinder - they had names but I can't remember what they were, but they did look impressive.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Totally agree about the shoes on offer at the moment. Good luck with your Interview , Love the Town Hall photos


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