01 October 2008

Trip to Sheffield

As we will be moving to Yorkshire soon DH and I spent the weekend in Sheffield. We stayed in a hotel right in the centre, Millenium Square, in the Heart of the City.

It was a really warm weekend and although the place looked deserted in these pictures in hour it was bustling with people enjoying the autumn sunshine.

The spheres just outside the square represent raindrops and have water trickling on the outside draining into a pool below. There are some coloured lights in the pavement which are reflected in the spheres. The second pic shows DH and I (I'm taking the photo) reflected in one of the spheres with the Winter Garden's arched roof behind us. To the right is the hotel where we stayed.

The next pic shows the fountains outside the Town Hall. Again as it's early in the morning there wasn't many people around. However later there were some wedding groups (from the Register Office at the Hall) gathering to take photo's using the fountains as a backdrop and later children would dash in and out of the fountains and get very wet!

In the square were a collection of fountains running from the Peace Garden into the Square.

We managed to see the Winter Gardens with tropical plants and also the Millennium Gallery. Too late for the Vivienne Westwood exhibition which closed the week before, but we did see the Get Knitted exhibition with the Knitted Wedding and also the cutlery collection. The pics here are of a cactus with a "Feed Me" donation box and the last pic of a monster (which is animated) made out of Sheffield Cutlery.

We found there were quite a few museums and galleries around that I guess once we're moved we may explore. We had found while trying to get to the hotel that there is a Fire and Police Museum, though we didn't time to see this, but the website looks good!

The main reason for going up there was to see the house we'll be moving into at the end of this month, in Hemsworth, between Barnsley and Pontefract. We've got someone moving into our house in November, so the moving plans seem to be coming together.


  1. Glad to see your plans are progressing Sue - oddly enough even though I was born in Doncaster and have driven round the outskirts of Sheffield to avoid congestion on the M1 it's not a place I've ever visited the centre of - the fountains are impressive, more like continental europe than sunny south yorkshire. Hope all goes to plan swiftly and smoothly :o)

  2. Hi Sue
    Looks lke plenty of inspiration in Sheffield. good Luck


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