17 November 2008

I'm now online!

Only into our third week here, but after much faffing about, first to have the phone line, then the broadband sorted I'm now back online and now able to update my blog. I haven't been idle however as my needlefelting machine has made a Magic Carpet which I posted to Jenny in Llandudno (which I mentioned in my last post) and can now show the pic below.

It's a layer of pinky/purple scrim on a felt background, with strips of yarn, knitting tape, organza ribbon and silk fabric (I like the ruffled effect that the silk made when needled down).

I've also started making some postcards, which I'll share in a few days and it's good to get back to making them again. The November BQL bag is also in progress, just the last and difficult bit to do. Then I've also been doing some knitting, I've done the back and most of one sleeve of a cardigan, haven't taken a pic of this yet but I found the pattern on Sirdar's website

At the weekend DH and I were out and about. Went to Leeds to see the Christmas lights there, which were really spectacular and I'll some pics of that next time. On Sunday we went to a Christmas Fayre at Wentworth Castle near Barnsley, then had a drive around the dales and stopped at Holmfirth for lunch at a cafe on the backstreets of the town. Of course it's well known for the Last of the Summer Wine and I could not resist taking a photo of Sid's Cafe below

except it's now Beatties (!). Even though it was a cold, but sunny Sunday afternoon, there are still a fair number of tourists around.

Last of all, many thanks to those who left comments in my last post. It was lovely to hear from you, ladies. We are gradually settling down here, not been easy being transplanted from the south coast, but we are discovering new places up here and getting to know my way around.


  1. Lovely carpet Sue. Hope you're soon settled in. You won't be too far from the wool works - that's a nice (shopping) day out!

  2. Glad to hear you're settling in well Sue - to my shame even though I was born and bred in Yorkshire I've never visited Holmfirth - always thought it looked lovely on Last of the Summer Wine :o)

  3. Hi Sue,
    Love the magic carpet,
    i recieved the one Jenny made.
    Glad your settling in ok.

  4. Hi there, found your blog through Jean's blog.

    How's life in Yorkshire? A bit different from Dorset - but new views and inspirations I guess.

    I am off to India in February, with my sister from Oz. Not sure whether India is ready for the two of us. However, I think an Indian visit in the grey months of winter is very beneficial for my well being!!!!

    I will follow your blog with interest.

    Best wishes for 2009


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