31 December 2008

Last blog of the year

Sorry to disappoint anyone visiting the blog - I've got no pics, but will update before the weekend. I arrived back from our Christmas break in Surrey yesterday. Had lots of gatherings with family and friends which was lovely, though I did have an unwelcome present - a flu virus! My brother in law and his partner had it and I got it too so one of the days was spent in bed.

Have had a brief read of blogs this afternoon and have seen that Angela and Helen on their blogs have kept a record of what they've made through the year. It's amazing the way the year has come and gone and one wonders what has happened to it, great to know that there is something to show for where that time went.

From what I can recall I know I made several postcards (of course!), 13 bags (the 12 on the BQL challenge, plus 1 made from the quilt retreat in Devon earlier this year). I'd also been involved with the International Quilting Day in March (a link here for pics) which for next year is being run by Pauline and Sarah of Pauline's Patchwork and did the admin for the Quarterjack Quilters exhibition in August. And Google says that I've also posted 56 entries on my blog this year, so I'm not one for being idle!

What I'm looking forward to in 2009? A job - I'd like to get that sorted as I would feel more settled in Yorkshire - hope that happens soon - that's the bigee! I'm also going to seek out a quilt group to join and I've found an Embroiderers' Guild group locally so hope to get in contact with people there. I've got another quilt retreat in Devon coming up in February so that's something to look forward to and I'm taking part in a 4 Seasons Quilt Swap which is due between February and March.

Wishing you all the best and happy sewing for 2009


  1. Happy New Year Sue,
    hope your feeling better, we are also getting over the flu, so much for my week off to do some art work.

  2. Hi Sue
    You could join our group in Barnsley if you would like. It is officially an Embroidery Group - we are called Creative Embroiderers Barnsley - but there are lots of quilters in the group too including me! Enid, our Secretary lives in Hemsworth! Get in touch if you are interested. Happy New Year. Janet x


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