21 December 2008

Looking forward to Christmas

Thought I'd post my last posting before Christmas as I will be away from tomorrow until just before New Year. I am escaping from Yorkshire and going down South to stay with relatives and DH will follow early on Christmas Day. Meeting up with parents and children over the holidays, so should be a good time.

The past couple of days I've made useful bits as I'm still sorting through the plethora of stuff, knitting, stitching and other bits, since moving here as I think we may move again, be it sooner or later and just want to thin things down. I've made a roll for my knitting needles which have been in a Hobbycraft carrier bag for ages, which in the end didn't take long to plan and make, so that's one thing sorted and tidied.DH came home with a diary. I'm useless at keeping diaries as the end of the year ends up being as blank as the beginning, but each year I think it'll be useful to have one. It's black - I don't like black - so it had to have a cover. After measuring up and getting it wrong I had to make another, so here it is. The fabric is patterned so didn't embellish it with anything. I'll put that right later, but meanwhile the diary is no longer black!

The bit of needlefelting I showed in the last post I had some bits of painted Bondweb left so did another bit of needlefelting with velvet, scrim, bondaweb and organza on top, needlefelting from the front and back. Quite like this effect, discovering that the velvet base works very well.

Yesterday DH and I spent the day at the National Media Museum in Bradford, which didn't take long to get to. Yesterday was a grim and damp day so this place was good to go to as it's indoors and it's free. They had a special exhibition showing 50 years of Blue Peter. Having grown up with programme and later seeing this when the children were growing up too we had a lot of memories of this programme. So an enjoyable day. But for now I have to get ready for my trip down South.

Here's a couple of views - the top one looking from a mezzanine floor out to the Town Hall and the one below looking to the ground floor and a red Dalek!
And lastly a Christmassy pic from Leeds, where we went to look at the Christmas lights last month - a Champagne bottle underneath a street light, so it looks as though it's fizzing.

Have a

with best wishes from Sue

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