23 January 2009

Two books and a postcard

Today I received a couple of books that I'd ordered from Amazon. I'd been wanting to get Quilt Yourself Gorgeous for a little while and when in a bookshop also glanced through Knits to Share and Care which looked good. That was some of my Christmas money spent. Going away this weekend so taking this will hopefully give me some inspiration.I was also inspired to make something from a piece of selvedge on Wednesday. In the sidebar link to Flickr there are a few postcards made with selvedges and have got a fair size bag of selvedges that I will use from time to time. The words "Kittens & Pups" were found so used some novelty fabric that I already had together with some scrap strips. The card only took an hour and a half to make. Nice and bright on what was a dull day.
DH and I are going to Richmond, North Yorkshire, this weekend as he's not working then. Hopefully should have some pics to share then.

1 comment:

  1. Love the Postcard Sue.
    hope you had a great time in Richmond, have a great week
    Hows the job hunt going?


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